Can you use keyboard and mouse on console in Diablo 4 season one?

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September 20 - Now that season one is here, we have checked through our information.

Controlling a top-down dungeon crawler can be tough using a game pad, so keyboard and mouse support on console in Diablo 4 is something many players want. However, it's no guarantee, even with the game out in early access now.

Let's delve deeper into the situation with console and mouse support and learn if you can use them in Diablo 4. Here is everything players must know before exploring the dangerous dungeons!

Does Diablo 4 season one support keyboard and mouse on consoles?

As interesting as it may sound, you will not be able to use keyboard and mouse on consoles in Diablo 4. At least, it won't be a feature at launch. The Senior Vice President and GM of Diablo, Rod Fergusson, confirmed as much on Twitter back in March.

As Rod Fergusson states, there won’t be any support beyond what PlayStation and Xbox provide to players natively. What does it mean?

It means the game won’t recognise the mouse and keyboard as controllers for movement and UI. Using the mouse and keyboard in Diablo 4 on consoles is limited to communicating through the in-game chat only.

Although switching between the console and keyboard might be annoying, it's more efficient than typing with a controller. So, players can still benefit from using a keyboard and mouse in Diablo 4.

If you've been hoping for full keyboard and mouse support in Diablo 4, don't get disappointed. There is also a slight chance that support will be introduced in early patches, or later down the line. We will let you know if Blizzard announces any important keyboard and mouse updates.

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