Will the Diablo 4 auction house be included?

The demon in Diablo 4.

The demon in Diablo 4.
June 1, 2023: Now that the early access period has gone live, we have checked over our information.

Let’s talk about the potential Diablo 4 auction house. The auction house was one of the most controversial features to ever appear in the Diablo franchise. So, today we are going to discuss its chances to be included in the upcoming Diablo 4.

Even though the feature has been negatively accepted by the community in previous games, there are still some players who want it to return. In this article, we will also recall what effect the auction house feature caused in past Diablo games.

Will there be an auction house in Diablo 4?

No, there won’t be an auction house in Diablo 4. Below is a Twitter post where you can see developer Rod Fergusson saying that they don’t plan to include this feature in the new game. Now, let’s find out why the auction house is hated by numerous gamers and what problems it caused for other Diablo games.

Why won't there be an auction house in Diablo 4?

There were numerous scandals related to the auction house in Diablo 3, thus many problems appeared for the developers and game itself. For example, the opportunity to sell legendary gear for real money impacted the balance a lot, establishing a pay-to-win mechanic. But the biggest issue lies within the concept of Diablo as a game.

You see, your main goal in Diablo is to farm the hardest bosses and get better items as a reward. After that, you have to sell or equip the items you’ve obtained, and then repeat this process again and again. In the end, you will make a powerful character that will be able to defeat any demon on any difficulty level.

So, when you have an opportunity to simply buy the strongest items, the entire goal of the game vanishes. You may lose interest in Diablo by getting the loot in such a way. Because of all these issues, the developers wisely decided not to include the auction house feature in Diablo 4.

Multiple characters are next to the campfire in Diablo 4.
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Can you trade in Diablo 4?

According to the information we have so far, some items will be tradable. Here is the list of them:

  • Potions
  • Elixirs
  • Gold
  • Common/magic/rare items

Various quest items, legendaries, and premium currencies can’t be traded. This should retain the in-game balance and make people interested in grinding the strongest enemies.

Regardless of your own opinion about the auction house feature, we are unlikely to see it in the upcoming Diablo 4.

But don’t worry, as the game adds some new endgame activities like the Helltide event that will help you to farm legendary gear. While you are here, make sure to check our guide on whether you can play Diablo 4 offline.

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