How to beat Elias in Diablo 4

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Elias is Lilith's loyal henchman. It's time for you to make him see the error of his ways.
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September 13 - We've collected the best strategies to beat Elias in Diablo 4.

The Diablo 4 Elias boss fights happen multiple times throughout the campaign. That's due to this insidious foe's dark secret.

Our Diablo 4 Elias boss guide discusses the series of encounters, as well as tips on how you can put an end to him. We also add some related information about the lore. As such, this article contains spoilers.

How to beat Elias in Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 Elias boss fights occur during Act 3 and Act 5. If you're wondering why you have to battle him several times, that's because he's immortal. Well, at least until you figure out how he does his trick.

Elias is Lilith's lieutenant, a former Horadrim who has gone to the dark side. Basically, he believes that Lilith's plan, the empowerment of humans, is the only way to defend Sanctuary once the Prime Evils return (and they eventually would because this is Diablo).

However, because Lilith herself is quite giddy when it comes to wanton genocide and the corruption of innocents, your character and their pals don't want none of their Kool-Aid.

How to beat Elias in Act 3

The initial Diablo 4 Elias boss fight occurs in Act 3 - Piercing the Veil. You'll arrive at a temple dedicated to the worship of Lilith and the recruitment of followers. Elias is also there, which leads to a fight... that you promptly win in less than 10 seconds.

This is all a ploy, given that Elias is immortal. There are two additional battles against him that follow this instance. In both of those battles, the biggest threats are the channeler enemy mobs that prevent him from taking damage. Once you've eliminated them, you can strike down Elias, though he does manage to escape.

The Elias encounters in Act 3 are more akin to joke battles since you can't really slay him.
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How to beat Elias in Act 5

Eventually, the good guys will discover Elias' source of immortality: his mummified finger. After burning it as part of a main quest, you'll be able to challenge him once more. This happens in Act 5 - On the Precipice.

As usual, Elias will summon minions, and they're deadlier this time around. You can expect Oppressors and Pitlords to join the fray.


However, the Fallen Horadrim's deadliest attack is Crimson Ripple. This spell is periodically cast, whereupon you'll see the ground covered in blood-red vapours. Shortly thereafter, your character will suffer multiple hits in rapid succession.

In Act 5, however, you'll be able to finish him off for good.
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You can't dodge all of these hits, so your only recourse is to use a defensive spell that can make you temporarily immune. Likewise, if you still have the Vigo's Protective Amulet from the Lilith's Lament boss fight —or a similar Legendary Aspect that's been extracted— then you can stay immune for a short period of time. In any case, just make sure you're always healed up after this occurs, since other foes might still damage you.

With a little luck, you should be able to beat the Diablo 4 Elias boss in Act 3 and Act 5. You're almost at the endgame, so keep at it and be ready for the real grind.

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