Diablo 4 story - What is the plot?

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a ritual in Diablo 4
June 2 - Diablo is finally available to play for those who have preordered special editions of the game. Go explore the story for yourself!

After the events of Diablo 3, many players are wondering what the Diablo 4 story will be about. In this article, we will tell you everything we know so far about its plot.

We are going to tell you about the game’s antagonist, who she is, and what she does in the Diablo 4 story. Also, we will provide you with a short description of the past events that took place in Diablo 3.

What happened before the Diablo 4 story?

Lilith in Diablo 4
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If you played Diablo 3, then probably remember the fight against Great Evils and the rogue archangel. During these events, you managed to defeat the last demon lords and even Diablo himself. After that, the Archangel of Wisdom turned into the Angel of Death, and you defeated him too.

So, you might be wondering who the main antagonist is right now. Well, she has been present in the story for a while, but now we have the opportunity to witness her first appearance in the Diablo games.

Who is the antagonist in Diablo 4?

Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto, is one of the creators of Sanctuary and the mother of Nephalem. She was banished to the Void after a failed attempt to defeat her lover Inarius and his followers. However, she managed to escape from this prison, and now she spreads her influence with the help of her cult.

Lilith is quite popular among humans due to the fact that she is the “Mother” of humanity. The Nephalem are the ancestors of the modern humans of Sanctuary. They were born by The Queen of the Succubi herself, Inarius, and other angels and demons. So, she bears the title of the first mother and uses this influence to achieve her own goals.

Lilith in Diablo 4
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Why are you going to fight Lilith in Diablo 4?

The events of Diablo 4 will take place fifty years after the previous game, Diablo 3. So, many people died during the last war between angels and demons, and now the world is weakened.

The plot will be about the hatred that affects everyone, including your character. The hero will pursue Lilith around the world, and it looks like you will have to spoil her plans to overthrow both Heaven and Hell. However, we have yet to find out what exactly she wants to do.

Will there be other characters from the Diablo franchise?


Well, given the fact that we will have to face Lilith, it is obvious that we will also encounter her lover. Inarius will play a major role in the game’s story. It seems that we will be able to finally resolve the conflict between these two. As for the other characters from the Diablo franchise, we may have the opportunity to meet Tyrael and Leah.

Diablo 4 will be released soon and we will have to face Lilith and her servants. Our characters will once again have to fight for the fate of Sanctuary, and perhaps this time evil will be defeated forever!

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