What is the Codex of Power in Diablo 4?

A brawler wielding weapons in Diablo 4.

A brawler wielding weapons in Diablo 4.

In this guide, we will take you through the Diablo 4 Codex of Power. Diablo 4, the highly anticipated RPG, has a host of new features. One such feature is the Codex of Power, which is essentially a book that stores Legendary Aspects.

Legendary Aspects are collected as players progress through the game's dungeons. In addition to this, players can also keep Legendary Aspects that they extract from certain gear by using the Occultist's "Aspect Extraction" ability. Keep reading to find out more about the Codex of Power in Diablo 4!

What is the Codex of Power in Diablo 4?

The Codex of Power is an integral part of Diablo 4's crafting system, and it stores all the Aspects that players earn in dungeons with their characters.

While dungeons are completed only once per character, the Aspects gained can be used indefinitely, thus making it easier to customise your character to your liking. Moreover, the aspects can be sorted based on class as well as which item each one is for, such as a ring, weapon, or other gear pieces, allowing you to quickly find the Aspects which work best for what you're looking for.

Aspects are new to Diablo 4, and are like legendary-tier passives that can make your gear better. You can find most Aspects by completing dungeons, and you can store them in the Codex of Power. They have different categories like Defensive, Offensive, Resource, Utility, and Mobility.

By making use of an extraction process, you can imprint Aspects on Rare and Legendary gear. For rare gear, it upgrades them to Legendary rarity, further allowing you to better build your character to how you want. You can also take desired traits off gear that isn't optimal and put them on gear that fits better. Thus, the Codex of Power provides players with a wide range of options to fully customise their character and their gear.

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How to use Codex of Power in Diablo 4

If your Codex of Power is full of Legendary Aspects, you can take it to the Occultist. They can imprint aspects on Rare and Legendary gear, which can be a game changer. Rare gear becomes Legendary with the affixes that it had before, plus the newly added Legendary Power. Legendaries have their existing Legendary Affix overwritten with the new one, granting players even more customisation options.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using the Codex of Power. First, the Codex of Power does not contain every single Aspect of every single Legendary in the game. Some Legendaries can only be found by grinding and defeating armies of demons the old-fashioned way.

Additionally, when you imprint an Aspect from the Codex of Power, it does so with the lowest roll possible for that item. So it will always imprint the lowest roll for the Aspect, which may not always be ideal.

To fully unlock the potential of the Codex of Power, you must reach level 15 and complete a specific quest that will suddenly appear. At this point, you should visit an Occultist, which you can find by using the map maker of an upside-down triangle with three circles on the corners. The first Occultist that players will come across is in the city of Kyovashad after finishing the prologue.

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