How to salvage items in Diablo 4

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Diablo blacksmith holding a sword

Knowing when and how to salvage items in Diablo 4 will make a big difference in your progression and overall gameplay experience. Diablo is known for its iconic inventory management system, where you're constantly upgrading gear and letting go of old junk. However, not all of your old materials are useless.

This is where the salvage mechanic comes in, and allows you to reap a profit from items that you might otherwise consider inconsequential. In fact, if you know how to salvage items in Diablo 4, you can prepare yourself for higher-tier upgrades a lot earlier than most. So let's get into how the salvage mechanic works in Diablo 4.

What is item salvage in Diablo 4?

Item salvaging is an in-game mechanic in Diablo 4 that lets you break down your items into their raw materials. These materials tend to be things like leather, gemstones, ore, and other rarer and more valuable minerals. These resources are required for upgrades and are especially handy to have when you're trying to upgrade higher-tier equipment.

Naturally, you should only salvage items that you do not wish to keep or use or if you desperately require a certain material. It's an excellent way of clearing up your inventory space while gaining a bit of benefit from the lost items.

Diablo 4 Blacksmith salvage menu
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How to salvage items in Diablo 4

Luckily, the process of salvaging is pretty straightforward in Diablo 4. You just need to go to any blacksmith found in hubs around the world. You can locate them through the anvil icon on the map. Once you interact with a blacksmith, it will open up the blacksmith menu, and the first tab you see will be the one for salvaging items.

You'll see five options here, "All Junk", "Common", "Rare", "Magic", and "All Items". These options add a lot of convenience and help you salvage useless junk a lot more quickly. Once you click on an option, you'll get a prompt to confirm your choice. Your items will be salvaged instantly, and you will see the materials you get on the bottom of the blacksmith panel.

Diablo 4 salvaged materials
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Now you can just rinse and repeat this process whenever you need to get rid of some items or clear up inventory space. It does not cost any gold, so feel free to salvage items in Diablo 4 whenever possible!

That's all you need to know about how to salvage items in Diablo 4. While you're here, check out how long the game takes to beat and the map size for the game. If you're looking for more Diablo 4 guides, check out how loot sharing works and how to change your character's appearance.

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