Destiny 2 The Manticore - how to get it, what it does and more

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The Manticore in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Season 19 is has released and with it comes new content, and new weapons. One of those new weapons is the Destiny 2 The Manticore. This new energy weapon is the brand new exotic seasonal weapon that comes with Season 19 and we'll break down everything you need to know about it so you know if it's good or dud.

Destiny 2 Season 19 is called the Season of the Seraph and revolves around Rasputin, the Warmind. We are aiming to save it from being taken over by the forces of the Witness.


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What is the Destiny 2 The Manticore?

The Manticore is a brand new exotic submachine gun. It's a void smg, that has a 900 fire rate, and it fires straight as an arrow. It can be likened to the Funnelweb, but this new gun has some interesting new powers.

The Manticore has a brand new weapon perk called Swooping Talons, which says "Dealing damage while airborne increases this weapon's damage output". This sounds like it'd be a pretty great weapon for Solar Warlocks with Heat Rising right? Well yes, but there's another aspect of the gun that makes it great for everyone.

UI for the manticore in destiny 2

The gun has an intrinsic trait called Soaring Fang, which says "Dealing damage while grounded charges antigrav repulsors. Dealing damage while airborne extends antigrav repulsors." What does all that mean? Well, when you jump and fire the gun, you activate the antigrave repulsors, which makes you float!

As you can see, on the left side of the UI, you have a new bar when you have The Manticore readied. As you kill enemies with the weapon while on the ground, the bar fills up. When you're jumping and floating, the bar goes down, but if you kill mobs in the air, the time that you can stay afloat extends.

Where can I get The Manticore in Destiny 2?

The Manticore is as mentioned above, a seasonal weapon that comes from the Season Pass. If you have the paid version of the pass, you'll be able to unlock the weapon immediately at rank one. If you are on the free track, you get the weapon at rank 35.


Is there a catalyst for The Manticore?

The Manticore does have a catalyst that can be unlocked right away. You can pick up the quest to get the catalyst from Banshee and get to grinding. The catalyst is called Flying Monster. It doesn't provide any additional stats buffs to the weapon. It gives an additional perk to the gun that Final Blows while airborne with the weapon give you damage resistance.

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