Destiny 2 Lightfall - How to unlock Strand, aspects and fragments

picture of a hunter using the strand super in destiny 2

picture of a hunter using the strand super in destiny 2
March 3, 2023: Bungie has dropped a bit of a gift for us and removed all time gating from the fragment unlocks!

The brand new Destiny 2 expansion Lightfall is out and there's a lot of hype around the new campaign, and all the new features coming to the game. One of the most hyped things is the brand new subclass, Strand. If you're wanting to mess around with the new hotness, then read on, as we'll be going over how to unlock Strand.

Strand is the brand new darkness subclass coming to the game and if you haven't seen it, it allows our guardians to grapple to invisible tether points around the world and swing through the city like Spiderman. Not to mention all the new abilities and supers coming with Strand are pretty amazing.

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How to unlock Strand in Destiny 2

Once you start your journey into the Lightfall campaign, you're going to very quickly get your first taste of Strand, and it's safe to say that you're going to be hooked. You'll pretty regularly utilize Strand throughout the campaign, all the way up through the final mission.

After the final fight of the campaign, you'll return to Neomuna. Fly to the Hall of Heroes landing zone and head into the Hall of Heroes. When you walk into the room that Osiris is normally in, head over to the left side of the room, which is where the pouka pond is located. Sit down in front of the pond to meditate and you'll have Strand unlocked.

How to unlock Strand Aspects and Fragments

Now that you have Strand, you're going to get something called Strand Meditations. It's a new currency that's used to unlock fragments and aspects. Interacting with the meditation pedestal will allow you to purchase new grenades, aspects and fragments. At the start, you'll be able to unlock your two aspects and one fragment from the Strand Meditation you get for completing the campaign.

Initially, two-thirds of the fragments were time gated, with a third being unlocked in the second week, and the remaining unlocking after the World First raid race had concluded. In the TWAB from March 2, 2023, Bungie announced that they've removed the time gate and have unlocked ALL Strand fragments to be purchased.

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