Destiny 2 How to get Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle

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Necrochasm auto rifle
Credit: Bungie

Crota's End, one of the most popular raids from Destiny 1 has come back during Season of the Witch and has brought a fan-favourite weapon with it to Destiny 2, the Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle.

Like previous reprised raids, Vault of Glass and King's Fall, Crota's End has brought a ton of gear from the previous game, including armour and some Legendary weapons. Still, everyone's after Necrochasm, one of the most fun-to-use ARs in the original Destiny.

If you want to know how to get your hands on it, hopefully, you'll find this guide helpful!

Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle - How to get

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Credit: Bungie
Necrochasm is back!

There are two ways to get your hands on the Necrochasm auto rifle, however, one is heavily time-gated. If you complete the Crota's End raid on Contest Mode, that is during the first 48 hours of its release (from 1 to 3 September), you'll automatically get the Necrochasm auto rifle alongside more stuff, including:

  • Husk of the Pit
  • Eidolon Ally (fully Masterworked)

Now, before you jump into the challenge of Contest Mode, be sure to pick up the Bottomless Pit quest from the raid vendor! Otherwise, your progress won't be tracked.

If you're reading this after Contest Mode has already ended, as you might assume, you'll need to complete the Bottomless Pit quest fully.

So far we don't really know what the quest entails, and we'll have to wait a couple of days for Contest Mode to end and see what you need to do. We do know that the quest doesn't cost any currency to pick up and will revolve around picking up Essence of the Oversoul by completing raid encounters or Triumphs.

Essence of the Oversoul is also required for the Necrochasm catalyst.

Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle - Perks

So far we don't know what Necrochasm does in Destiny 2, so we'll be updating you as soon as teams complete the raid and get their hands on it.


Based on D1, it could be an Arc weapon, but since the sandbox has changed so much, we expect a massive rework to be present when the revamped Necrochasm debuts in D2.

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