D2 Crota's End World First raid race - LIVE updates

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Crota's End World's First Raid Race
Credit: Bungie
September 1: The Crota's End raid race is LIVE! Follow along in this article for all updates.

Update: Saltagreppo and Clan Elysium have claimed the Crota's End World First raid race belt!

If you're interested in keeping tabs on the Destiny 2 Crota's End World's First raid race, then you're in the right place! Raid races are some of the most exciting times to be a D2 fan, and for good reason.

Fans gather around their favourite content creator's stream and watch them challenge the latest raid. Previously, these events featured brand-new content; however, Bungie started re-incorporating raids from Destiny 1, lessening the content drought in the process.

Crota's End, the second-ever Destiny raid in franchise history, is returning during Season of the Witch. Naturally, fans are excited to see what changes Bungie made to a piece of endgame content originally released in 2014.

So if you want to know how to catch all the action of the Crota's End raid race, we've got you covered!

Crota's End World's First raid race - LIVE updates

Refresh this page and keep tabs on key updates for the Crota's End World's First raid race! Also, don't forget to check out our guide to getting the Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle.

Time Update
3:58 PM PDT/11:58 PM GMTIt seems Clan Elysium has beaten Atides group by less than two minutes! It's a close race so we'll have to wait confirmation on this one.
3:48 PM PDT/11:48 PM GMTIt's coming down to the wire! Saltagreppo's and Tatides' teams are neck and neck!
3:03 PM PDT/11:03 PM GMTSaltagreppo is close to doing it again! His team is the first to reach Crota on Challenge Mode. They need to figure out the unique mechanic and they can claim a fourth
2:28 PM PDT/10:28 PM GMTBack with another update, Challenge Mode is progressing slower than expected, Saltagreppo's still has an advantage.
1:13 PM PDT/9:13 PM GMTSaltagreppo's team has taken down Crota! Remember that they need to do it again with Challenge Mode enabled but they are way ahead of the rest of the teams now.
12:43 PM PDT/8:43 PM GMTBack with another update! More teams have made it to Crota but it seems like a heavy DPS check. Might be a key mechanic missing to do proper damage it seems.
11:58 AM PDT/7:58 PM GMTAs a reminder, beating Crota will not be enough, as players need to do another run in Challenge mode to claim World's First title.
11:57 AM PDT/7:57 PM GMTAll_The_Players' team has taken down Ir Yut! The first team to do so and are moving to the final encounter, Crota itself!
11:41 AM PDT/7:41 PM GMTALL_The_Players and more teams are now battling Ir Yut and are getting closer to Crota. Bungie really nailed the mechanics for this reprised Crota's End!
11:16 AM PDT/ 7:16 PM GMTSo far, every team has been stuck at the bridge encounter. With every high profile team, including Datto's, Greppo's, Clan Redeem, and more, trying to figure out how to cross it.
10:18 AM PDT/6:18 PM GMTThe race has already started and the usual suspects like Saltagreppo's team have taken an early lead.
9:56 AM PDT/ 5:56 PM GMTThe raid race is about to be unlocked, who's your favourite for taking it home?

We recommend you keep an eye on the Twitch Rivals stream down below to keep tabs on all important teams.

Crota's End World's First raid race - Schedule

Crota's ENd world first raid race
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Credit: Bungie
Crota's End is back!

Crota's End will be released on 1 September at 10 AM PDT / 6 PM GMT+1 for all Destiny 2 players, kickstarting the World's First raid race at the time.

Hundreds of Destiny 2 players can log into the game and try out this reprised raid for themselves; however, only one team will take home the coveted Crota's End World's First belt.

According to Bungie, Contest Mode, which makes the raid and its challenges harder to complete, will be active for 48 hours, giving Destiny 2 players the entire weekend to complete Crota's End with Contest Mode to earn the Superior Swordplay Triumph.

Crota's End raid race disabled gear

If you're partaking in the day 1 raid race, this is the gear you won't be able to use:

  • Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle
  • Warlock Weavewalk Aspect (currently disabled in all raids and PvP activities)
  • Titan Banner of War Aspect
  • Foetracer Exotic Hunter Helmet
  • Elemental Munitions Mod
  • Overload Hand Cannon Mod
  • All Ammo Reserve Mods
  • All Font Armor Charge Mods
  • Frenzied Stacks Artifact Mod

Where to watch the Crota's End raid race

Everyone can stream the Crota's End raid race from their POV! However, Twitch has partnered with Bungie to host a team watch-along on the official Twitch Rivals account.

As you can imagine, this means one thing!

Crota's End raid race Twitch Drops


Yes, there will be active drops. Here's the information you need:

  • Name of drop: Every End Emblem
  • Time to watch: 2 Hours
  • Drop timing: 09/01/23 @ 10AM PT – 09/03/2023 @ 10AM PT
  • Drop earned by watching /TwitchRivals or any approved participant in the event. There are over 440 partnered streamers; you can check the full list here.
  • Link your Bungie and Twitch accounts before the event to avoid issues!

If you want to know how to link your Bungie and Twitch accounts we have a full breakdown right here!

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