Saltagreppo and Clan Elysium take Crota's End World First raid race

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Bungie Crota's End
Credit: Bungie

The Crota's End raid race was nothing short of thrilling, with only a one-minute gap separating the victors from the runners-up as Saltagreppo and Clan Elysium took home their fourth World First belt.

Elysium has been the most dominant clan in all of Destiny 2 history at this point, winning four out of the last five World First raid races: Vault of Glass, Vow of the Disciple, King's Fall, and now Crota's End, only losing during the Root of Nightmares raid early in 2023.

So not only D2 fans were treated to some sweet Twitch Drops (which you can still earn), but also to perhaps one of the most exciting raid race finishes we've seen in quite a while!

Saltagreppo and Clan Elysium win Crota's End raid race

The Crota's End raid race was rather brutal, with teams forced to complete twice. First with Contest Mode active, which adds an added difficulty spike.

On top of that, squads had to do a second raid run with Challenge Mode active. With this modifier, each encounter has an added secret challenge that players need to figure out.

After almost six hours of competition, it all came down to Saltagreppo's Clan Elysium and Atides' squad. Both had Crota, the final boss of the raid, down to a sliver of health for their final DPS round, it all came down to the final damage rotation.

Thanks to content creator and former competitor Professor Broman, we got a side-by-side of Saltagreppo's victory as Atides team couldn't quite seal the deal.

Eventually, Bungie confirmed their results making it official, the Clan Elysium members are now four-time World First raid race winners.

Nothing left for us to say but congratulations! Without a doubt, Saltagreppo and his crew will be the favourites heading into The Final Shape's massive raid, which will culminate the Light and Darkness Saga that Bungie's been building since 2014.

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