Destiny 2 Dead Man's Tale - How to get and God Roll

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Destiny 2 Dead Man's Tale
Credit: Bungie

Season of the Witch has brought back several Exotic missions from previous seasons with a new system they're calling the Exotic mission rotator. As a result, the Destiny 2 Dead Man's Tale Exotic scout rifle will now be obtainable via Presage once more.

The DMT has made our list of best PvP weapons in Destiny 2 for good reason. Despite being nerfed, the precise and versatile nature of the weapon allows for a variety of playstyles in the Crucible.

If you want to know how to get your hands on Dead Man's Tale in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch, fret not as we're here to help. On top of that, we'll tell you what God Roll you should be chasing since DMT is now craftable!

How to get Dead Man's Tale in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Dead Man's Tale
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Credit: Bungie
Presage is back!

As we've mentioned, in order to get the Dead Man's Tale now, you have to run the Presage mission! If you're a newer Destiny 2 player you'll get to experience one of the best pieces of content Bungie has ever produced for the game.

Originally released in Season of the Chosen in 2021 and available to season pass holders, Presage was vaulted with the launch of The Witch Queen in 2022.

If you never got to experience it, you'll be in for a treat, with incredible level design, challenging combat, an eerie atmosphere and compelling environmental storytelling. We have a dedicated Presage guide if you want to run the mission too!

Now don't procrastinate too much. As mentioned, Presage is on a weekly rotator now alongside two more missions (Operation: Seraph's Shield and Vox Obscura), meaning that if you miss it when it's around you'll have to wait two weeks to get it done.

Dead Man's Tale God Roll

Since DMT is now craftable there is a God Roll to chase! First off, completing the Presage missions several times will actually give you an upgraded Cranial Spike intrinsic trait going up to IV, similar to the Revision Zero. So be sure to do that.

Second, if you're wondering about the Catalyst, yes it's still part of the gun, expect it's being reworked to function as a new perk.

So with that said, this is what you want to look for when crafting your own Dead Man's Tale.

  • Column 1: Fluted Barrel
  • Column 2: Accurized Rounds
  • Column 3: Rapid Hit
  • Column 4: Dark Forged Trigger
  • Column 5: Short action stock

And that's it! Have fun blowing up heads with your own Dead Man's Tale God Roll.

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