Destiny 2 Presage Guide: God Rolls, Catalyst and Hidden Cache Locations For Dead Man's Tale

Season of the Chosen is here, and its second week introduces a quest to earn a new exotic scout rifle.

Presage is a repeatable quest (like Hawkmoon's Harbinger activity), that'll net you a random roll of the Dead Man's Tale

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Destiny 2 Dead Man's Tale Exotic Quest Guide

Step 1: Find The Quest

In the Arm's Dealer strike, kill everything right at the start and head through a door on the right.

Kill a boss (and a handful of turrets) and you'll earn the "distress coordinates", setting off the quest chain.

Step 2: Speak to Zavala

Self-explanatory, really.

Step 3: Start The Quest

Zavala will send you to the Tangled Shore, where you'll board a ship that once belonged to Calus.

You'll find it in the Director.

Step 4: Presage Quest Guide

Ok, here we go. The key mechanic here is Spores, which grant you and your team a buff when you stand near them and shoot them.

You'll need to use this buff to go through specific doorways that would otherwise kill you.

The whole ship feels like a puzzle box, with switches that open doors, barriers to deactivate, and even a trapdoor that sets you back somewhat.

It's actually not all that taxing, but the key thing to remember is that you can't go through the door at the start. Instead, go down the ramp and jump onto the platforms on the outside of the ship.

Step 5: Boss Fight

Ok, so when you do finally get to the boss, you'll be navigating both environmental puzzles AND his own attacks.

Essentially he's untouchable when he's in the fire-filled area, but switches up above can release coolant that allows you to get closer and deal damage.

Drop in, deal damage, and get out before he retaliates.

Step 6: Speak to Zavala

Our favourite Vanguard leader will give you your new weapon.

It appears the gun has random rolls, meaning you can try again if you want a different version.

Destiny 2 Dead Man's Tale Exotic Catalyst Quest Guide – Master Version

A word of warning before attempting to get the exotic catalyst – the Power Level requirement is 1320.

There's also a timer, giving players just 25 minutes to make it through.

To kick things off, speak to Zavala for the "At Your Fingertips" quest, and then we'd recommend running a practice attempt to refamiliarise yourself with the level.

The following modifiers are in effect:

  • Match Game – you'll need to ensure your party have the right gear to cut through Void, Arc and Solar shields.
  • Champions – bizarrely, we haven't found any yet. 

Your loadout will be locked, too.

Our advice is to push through the platforming sections to give yourself more time on the boss, as he can be a bit of a sponge at the best of times.

Once you've completed the mission, Zavala will hand over the Catalyst. To upgrade it, just keep using the weapon OR find a series of Hidden Caches in the Presage mission.

Hidden Cache Locations

There are two caches available as of the time of writing, and they're denoted by Data Pads you may have seen on your way through.

  • Once you board the ship after the first jumping puzzle, you'll find a datapad on the floor in the vents. Interact, and then head through the door it opens to open a hidden cache.
  • This cache is impossible to miss since it's on your path. Interact with it in the blue hallway, then drop through the trap door that it opens.

What Does The Catalyst Do?

The catalyst adds a new perk that boosts its rate of fire when firing from the hip, much like the Last Word – another Tex Mechanica Weapon.

Dead Man's Tale God Roll

Here are our picks for the gun's best rolls:


  • Corkscrew Rifling
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds
  • Vorpal Weapon
  • Short-Action Stock

The above perks will make the gun an absolute beast when it comes to boss-battles and fighting shielded enemies.


  • Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Killing Wind
  • Short-Action Stock

For PvP, this build will boost handling and range, while securing a kill will boost both again.

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