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Want to know the best exotics for Strand are in Destiny 2 Lightfall? The Destiny 2 expansion is out now and with it comes the subclass Strand. With the advent of build crafting, we have a good number of exotics that we can leverage to make the subclass feel even better.

Now sure, we could use the exotics given to us from the Legendary campaign, but you're a build crafter. You want to come in gun's blazing with a cheeky build using the exotics you already have. Well, we'll go over some of those exotics and how they'll be best used.

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Best exotics for Strand in Destiny 2 Lightfall

First off, we'll start with the Titans. Titans are looking to be up close and personal, with a heavy emphasis on Melee combat. Here's our recommendations for Titan exotics to use with Strand.

Best Titan exotics for Strand


The Synthoceps are a go-to when it comes to melee Titan builds. With grappling putting you right in in the action, this is bound to help you put out a ton of damage.

Wormgod Caress

Wormgod Caress isn't quite as good as Synthoceps, but can be a pretty solid add clearing exotic with the Titan's new Super.

Crest of Alpha Lupi

Crest of Alpha Lupi is a very interesting choice. It grants more orbs when using your super, and with the changes to roaming supers granting more orbs, this could be very helpful.

Heart of Inmost Light

Heart of Inmost Light has been finally nerfed with Lightfall. We have yet to test whether or not it's still a viable option for Strand, but the field has definitely evened out quite a bit.


Keeping in theme with melee synergies, Dunemarchers makes their way onto our list. These are more than likely going to be used as an everyday exotic for the Titans who really want to zoom.

Khepri's Horn

Khepri's Horn is one of the more speculated on exotics. Drengr's Lash give makes our barricade send out a Strand lash when we use it. Couple that with Khepri's Horn to send out a solar energy blast, and it could be means for a wicked one-two punch combo. Couple this with a solar primary weapon, such as Vex Mythoclast or the Calus Mini-Tool, and you could be a one man wrecking crew.


The Armamentarium is a very cool option for those who never want to be without Grapple. Grappling uses a grenade charge, so having an extra charge will give you easy access to grapple and another grenade.

Picture of the Heart of Inmost Light in Destiny 2
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The best exotic that we'd recommend and will be using on launch is going to be Synthoceps. Seeing how aggressive the Titan plays with Strand, this makes a lot of sense. That being said, without some further testing, we'd probably recommend the

Best Hunter Exotics for Strand

Assassin's Cowl

Assassin's Cowl is a fantastic solo exotic. It's ability is generally useful at keeping you alive. The new Hunter melee refunds melee energy when it returns to you, this should be a solid choice for higher end solo content.

The Sixth Coyote

The Sixth Coyote is an exotic that hasn't see very much play in the past, but this seasons it could be different. Hunter's Ensnaring Slam aspect is a dive ability that suspends any nearby enemies. This dive ability is tied to our dodge class ability, so having a second charge of our class ability is really nice.

The Bombardiers

The Bombardiers are a very cool option for our Hunters. After we dodge, we leave behind an explosive that deals damage and applies a secondary effect based on our subclass. At the moment it obviously doesn't have anything for Strand, but should this exotic get updated to have a secondary effect, such as Unravel or Sever, then this could be a fun choice.

Picture of Assassin's Cowl in Destiny 2
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Unfortunately Hunters don't have a ton of great choices here, but our top exotic that we'd recommend is going to be Assassin's Cowl. There's plenty of solid exotics that interact with weapons that you could use as well, such as Mechaneer's Tricksleeves, but those don't necessarily interact with Strand itself. Let's finally talk about Warlocks.

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Best Warlock exotics for Strand

Verity's Brow

Verity's Brow is another very underused exotic. Grenades have a big focus for Strand, and the Threadling Grenades synergize really well with Warlocks in general. All you need is a Strand weapon to proc the Death Throes.

Eye of Another World

Another completely unused exotic is Eye of Another World. It's probably not going to be the greatest for ability regen, but it's worth testing out.

Apotheosis Veil

Apotheosis Veil is a really solid option as well for general gameplay. It's expected that we'll be casting our super on cooldown, since it's going to be great to clear out adds, and should deal great boss damage. Having ability regen to go along with that is going to be very nice.

Felwinter's Helm

Felwinter's Helm is going to be a great choice, since we don't have any inherent Weaken effects in Strand, and we'll definitely want to be using our powered melee ability to help clear out adds.

Karstein Armlets / Winter's Guile

In line with the melee focused synergies, we have two arm pieces. Karstein Armlets will give us some health regeneration on melee kill, and Winter's Guile increases melee damage. Depending on how quickly we can get back our melee, Winter's Guile could be mid, but Karstein's is always a great option for solo content.

Picture of Karnstein Armlets in Destiny 2
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For our Warlock friends, we'd recommend going with either Karnstein Armlets or Apotheosis Veil until you unlock Swarmers. Warlocks actually have a great strand exotic, so that's most likely going to be the best option for post campaign play.

And that's the best exotics for Strand in Destiny 2 Lightfall. Be sure to check back once we get our hands on Strand and can test out more exotics in case there's any new ones to add to the list.

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