How to plant the beacon in Dead Space remake

Isaac Clarke witnessing asteroids near the beacon in the Dead Space remake.

Isaac Clarke witnessing asteroids near the beacon in the Dead Space remake.
January 30, 2023: Now that Dead Space Remake is out, we have checked over our information

Given the original came out way back in 2008, there are a few sections in Dead Space remake that aren't quite as obvious as you might expect. If you're playing the game and wondering how to plant the beacon in Dead Space remake, this should help.

Planting the beacon is a bit of an infamously tedious part of Dead Space as it involved zero-g travel, new mechanics, and horrors. In this, we not only go over how the beacon works but also how to destroy the gravity tethers to move on to the next section.

If you're looking for a little more information before moving on to the next section, here all the changes in the remake, how to toggle the Dead Space remake quality and performance mode, and the full remake system requirements.

Isaac Clarke looking at the Asteroid Tether Status screen in the Dead Space remake.
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How to plant the beacon in Dead Space remake

Planting the beacon comes in Chapter 7 of the Dead Space remake, as you work to blast away an asteroid halting engine efficiency on the Ishimura.

Before you can plant the beacon, you have to take down the gravity tethers. The first two tethers are inside the hangar, above the asteroid. You simply have to slow them down with stasis and shoot the glowing spots inside. Go up and you should spot the second one. As the area is in zero-G, you can just jump on up and slow it down easily.

After these two, you have to jump out beyond the asteroid, into the vacuum of space beyond The final two tethers are on the exterior of the Ishimura, spinning just like the other ones. Make sure you have enough spare oxygen after you have taken them all down, because you'll need to tackle some necromorphs before you can safely get back into the ship. Once you have managed to do all of the tethers, you simply have to jump on to the asteroid using your zero-g skills. Just move around its surface and you can plant the beacon.

Then, head back out the hangar and to the engine control room where you started this mission, and activate the main display to blast off the asteroid. From there, you'll be able to keep progressing through the main story.

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