Dead Space remake Master Override - rewards and questline explained

Isaac in a dark elevator in the Dead Space remake.

Isaac in a dark elevator in the Dead Space remake.

The Dead Space remake has finally launched, and with it comes tonnes of new questions. Though it is a faithful interpretation, it makes some meaningful changes. If you want to know how the Dead Space remake Master Override works, this is everything you need to know.

The Dead Space remake has new locked doors and secrets, so it makes sense that Isaac would develop something to get around them. In this, we go over how to get the Master Override, where to find all the doors and chests, and why you should invest in this side quest.

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How to get the Dead Space remake Master Override

You can unlock the Dead Space remake Master Override by doing the "You Are Not Authorized" side mission. After you do the "Meet Hammond in the Captain's Nest" quest, you will find a console in the same room. Once you interact with it, you will be given a list of RIGs from the crew of the USG Ishimura. You have to find them all to finish this side quest. After you have done so, you will get the Master Override.

You won't have much of a problem finding all of the RIGs, as you are shown exactly where they are. Unfortunately, you can't get them all until Chapter 10, once you've seen all of the Ishimura. Just play through the game and follow the objective until you find all seven of them. Here are all of the RIGs:

  • Overseer Voelkner's RIG
  • Chief Engineer Rosseau's RIG
  • Supervisor Dallas' RIG
  • Comms Officer Bailey's RIG
  • First Officer White's RIG
  • Tram Supervisor Benson's RIG
  • Lt Commander Holt's RIG
Isaac crawling through a goo-filled hallway from Dead Space remake.
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What does the Dead Space remake Master Override do?

After you have gone out and grabbed all of the RIGs from around the ship, you can bring them back to the console you got the quest from. You will then be able to make the Master Override. This is essentially a key that you can use to open some doors and chests around the USG Ishimura, which aren't covered by the other security clearance levels.

On the map, you will find new stars. These indicate Master Override doors, that give you access to new resources and paths. As well as this, you can open yellow chests from around the map, that grant you some extra upgrades and items.

The two doors are at:

  • The bridge tram station, near the water purifier
  • Engineering tram station, in the mining deck

The six yellow crates can be found at:

  • Cargo area of the hanger-cargo-tram control on the first floor
  • Engineering on the fourth floor
  • Centre of Hydrophonics
  • Crew quarters on the third floor
  • Deluxe quarters on the third floor
  • Transfer junction on Aegis VII

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