How to find fuses in Dead Island 2

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Dead Island 2 zombie looking at player holding weapon
Credit: Deep Silver
April 21, 2023: On the hunt for fuses in Dead Island 2? Find out where to get them and how to use them in our guide.

While exploring the vast expanse of Hell-A, you'll want to know how to find fuses in Dead Island 2. Dambuster Studios' zombie survival game comes with plenty of zombie types all craving your brain. Alongside the huge variety of weapons available, Dead Island 2 contains several areas of the map cordoned off due to requiring a fuse.

Typically, most items are earned by looting buildings and completing missions but fuses are an exception. So, where exactly can you find them?

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How to get fuses in Dead Island 2

Obtaining fuses in Dead Island 2 is a relatively straightforward process. You may not have found one searching through the abandoned buildings but there's a way for you to get your hands on them.

Fuses are available in the inventories of Traders that are dotted all over the place. The easiest one to find during the early stages of the story is Carlos who you can find in the kitchen of Emma's house. Simply start talking him to get your hands on a fuse.

Where to use fuses in Dead Island 2

Using a fuse is just as straightforward as purchasing one. Head to a fuse box that controls a locked door or another blocked entrance to a building and interact with it to place the fuse inside.

Once the fuse is in place, the door that was blocking your way in will open. Usually, these areas contain plenty of high-tier loot and cash so make sure you check every possible corner for a chance to get your hands on a powerful weapon or some useful materials needed to complete a mod blueprint.


Are fuses worth buying in Dead Island 2?

Absolutely! Although they might seem costly when you're running low on cash, buying a fuse and using it to open up new areas to explore is certainly worth the cost. What's even more useful is that the areas remain open for the rest of the game so there's no need to go back to a Trader and buy another one to explore the area again.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about how to get fuses in Dead Island 2. For more zombie-slaying intel, check out our guides showcasing how to make money fast and all there is to know about the gun list.

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