Dead Island 2 challenges - All objectives and requirements

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Dead Island 2 player holding submachine gun on Santa Monica beach
Credit: Dambuster Studios
April 21, 2023: Dead Island 2 contains a huge range of challenges to complete. Check out our guide for a full challenge list and all of their requirements.

Completing Dead Island 2 challenges is a surefire way of earning tens of thousands of XP which is great news if you're looking to level up fast on the streets of Hell A. The long-awaited sequel to 2011's Dead Island is finally here and alongside the main Dead Island 2 storyline, there's a huge variety of objectives to complete.

With numerous categories containing all kinds of criteria, it can be tricky to meet the requirements in order to unlock the next tier or finish the latest zombie-slaying task.

But, before we take a closer look at the Dead Island 2 challenges, be sure to check out our other guides showcasing all of the zombie types you'll encounter and everything there is to know about the game length.

How many challenges are in Dead Island 2?

There are a total of 84 Dead Island 2 challenges to complete whenever you like which is ideal if you've managed to complete the game and are looking for something else to do.

By completing the objectives, you can get your hands on some powerful weapon mods, cash, and more.

Dead Island 2 player holding electro sword and zombie
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Credit: Dambuster Studios

Dead Island 2 challenges list

All of the challenges are split into six categories depending on their requirements. Here's a closer look at each category and all of the challenges within them.

Blueprint challenges

By completing the Blueprint challenges, you can unlock some of the very best Autophage perks in the entire game. Autophage enables you to deal huge damage against targets in addition to inflicting status effects that you can use to great effect.

Challenge Requirement
ContagiousHit zombies with heavy attacks
InfectiousInflict the Bleeding effect on zombies
Infernal CombustionInflict the Ignited effect on zombies
LeechbladeKill zombies with melee weapons
ShockwaveKnock down zombies
Static ChargeInflict the Electrified effect on zombies
VampireCollect zombie parts

Combat challenges

This particular category involves you mastering combat mechanics to eliminate the undead in a variety of ways. Ranging from using environmental hazards to scoring headshots, there are plenty of objectives you need to complete.

Challenge Requirement
Serial KillerComplete combat challenges
Blood Will Have BloodKill zombies with bleed damage
Broken BodiesMaim zombie limbs
Cooling OffMake zombies soggy
Dangerous DNAKill zombies while at the highest Autophage tier
Dinnertime's OverKill 5 Butchers while they feed
Dissolving ProblemsKill zombies using caustic damage
Electrifying PersonalityKill zombies using shock damage
Ferocious FirestarterKill zombies using fire damage
Finish ThemKill zombies using finishing moves
Furious FighterKill zombies using Fury
Hazards PayKill zombies with environmental hazards
Headshot AficionadoKill zombies with blows to the head
Hey, Catch!Slay zombies with explosive zombies
Impressive AimThrow a melee weapon and hit a zombie 35+ metres away
Live Long and ProsperKill zombies without dying
Mostly ArmlessMaim Crusher arms
NinjaKill 3 zombies with one Shiruken throw
No Time To GrowKill Mutators before they mutate
PerfectionPerform perfect defence moves
PushoversKnock down zombies
Shut UpInterrupt Screamers while they're screaming
Speed FreakScore multikills
Splash ZoneKill Slobber zombies
Trick KickKnock down 3 zombies with a jump kick
Zombie Space ProgramLaunch zombies

Exploration challenges

To complete this set of challenges, you'll need to familiarise yourself with the entirety of Hell-A as well as complete a few side quests.

Challenge Requirement
Well-TravelledComplete exploration challenges
Private EyeComplete Lost and Found missing person quests
Road TripTravel to every Zone
Safe CrackerUnlock lockboxes
The Heart of the CardsCollect Skill Cards
Well-ReadComplete Journal collections
Zombie PirateComplete Lost and Found weapon quests

Survivor challenges

As the title suggests, this challenge category is all about surviving by using resources to craft more powerful weaponry.

Challenge Requirement
Survival SkillsComplete survival challenges
Hollywood Rich ListEarn $1m in cash
Mod MakerFabricate mods
Reduce, Reuse, RecycleScrap weapons for parts
Repo ManCollect zombie parts
ResourcefulCollect parts used in fabrication
Revival ActRevive slayers
ScavengerLoot containers
Staying AliveUse med kits
The Perks of being a Zombie slayerFabricate perks

Weapon challenges

Weapon challenges involve utilising the entire arsenal. Whether it's melee weapons or guns, you're going to need to use all of them to complete the objectives.

Challenge Requirements
Weapons ExpertComplete weapon challenges
Batter Up!Kill zombies using curveballs
Crack ShotKill zombies using rifles
GunslingerKill zombies using handguns
LegendaryFind a legendary weapon
Shotgun ShogunKill zombies using shotguns
Slice and DiceKill zombies using Maiming weapons
Surgeon GeneralKill zombies using Headhunter weapons
Swing AwayKill zombies using Bulldozer weapons
Think FastKill zombies using Frenzy weapons

Zombie challenges

This set of objectives involves eliminating plenty of undead opposition using a variety of techniques. Make sure you've got a selection of weaponry equipped with different mods in order to complete them as fast as possible.

Challenge Requirements
Zombie HunterComplete zombie challenges
A New PBSlay runners
BackdraftSlay firefighter zombies
Boom and DoomSlay explosive zombies
Burst at the SeemsSlay burster zombies
Butcher ButcherSlay butcher zombies
Change is ConstantSlay mutator zombies
Cleaning HouseSlay zombies
Crust of the CropSlay shambler zombies
Feeling the BurnSlay inferno crushers
Gastric BypassSlay slobber zombies
Heartburn ReliefSlay firestorm slobbers
Leech RemovalSlay putrefied slobbers
Not the Bees!!Slay insect swarm walkers
Punching UpSlay crushers
Quiet in the NeighborhoodSlay screamers
Sharp-WittedSlay spiky zombies
Shockingly LoudSlay voltaic screamers
Smells Like BBQSlay burning zombies
Those Who Melt ItSlay caustic-x walkers or putrefied slobbers
Top Zompedia ContributorFully update Zompedia entries
Turtle SoupSlay riot gear walkers
Walk on BySlay walkers
Zap, Crackle, and PopSlay shocking zombies

There you have it, that's all there is to know about the Dead Island 2 challenges. For more, check out our guides showcasing how to make money fast and how to beat Crusher zombies with ease.

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