How to catch the cat in Dead Cells Return to Castlevania - Free Maria's Cat skill

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Here's how to catch the cat in Dead Cells Return to Castlevania and what to do once you have it. It's the little critter you may have seen jumping around your Castlevania run in Dead Cells. It belongs to Maria. It's her ticket out of there, and your ticket to a free skill that's well worth having.

It's not an essential piece of the Dead Cells Castlevania DLC puzzle, but catching the cat can really pay off. The skill it drops won't be of particularly high grade (though you can increase the drop chance of a better one with a few thousand Cells), but it can do some serious passive damage and save you from a nasty curse.


Not sure what we're talking about? Maybe you'll need to read up on how to start the Dead Cells Castlevania DLC first. It's a little tricky if you're coming in fresh for the Konami collaboration. It's nothing new for the indie roguelite with content from Hollow Knight and Fatal Falls.

How to catch the cat in Dead Cells Return to Castlevania

While you're running around the first major area of the Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC, you'll likely notice a white creature jumping around at high speeds. It won't damage you, but it will damage the enemies around you. This is actually Maria's cat she's tasked with trying to find the key to her prison cell. And you can snatch it for yourself.

Once the area is free of monsters, start chasing Maria's cat to either side of the room. It should just dart back and forth rather than head to other rooms deeper in the castle. Get your usual interact button ready and mash it whenever you're close. Eventually, you'll grab the cat and loosen its key. Take it.

Claiming the Maria's Cat skill for free in the Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC.

With the key in your inventory, you'll be able to unlock Maria's room when you come across it. You'll find the cat in there, and while she won't suggest you try, you can actually interact with it again by the door before you leave her room to have it drop the Maria's Cat skill. That's a freebie.

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