Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, Price and More

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Motion Twin's new release, Dead Cells is getting a brand new DLC towards the end of the month.

The game, which was released back in 2017 has been one of the highest praised games within the Steam and Epic Games store.

The new DLC is gearing up to be the best since the game first released, and players are beyond excited for it!

Here's all we know.


Release Date

The DLC, which has since been titled Fatal Fields is going to hit platforms on January 26th, 2021! 



Check out the brand new trailer for the DLC directly below: 



The previous DLC for Fatal Field only cost players $4.99 USD, and it appears this will be the case this time around.

As it appears when the DLC first releases it will be this price.

As well, expect the Dead Cells game itself to be on sale during the DLC's initial release window! 



Within the new gameplay trailer, eagle-eyed players have noticed that there will be a grand total of seven weapons within the new Dead Cells DLC.

As well, there are going to be some unique swords as per one is called 'a homicidal pet sword'

Interesting to say the least!




Motion Twin has posted a brand new gameplay trailer for Dead Cells today.

Check it out below and let us know what aspects of the game you are most excited about. 

As well, let us know what titles you are looking forward to for 2021!