How to fix Dark and Darker downloading slowly

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Artwork from Dark and Darker

If you want to know how to fix Dark and Darker downloading slowly, we know exactly how to help you. Dark and Darker has finally returned after a lengthy absence from Steam due to a legal dispute with Nexon. The game is now available in Early Access via Chaf Games and the official website, but players are plagued by slow downloads and server issues.

While payment issues and server instabilities have been addressed, some players are still unable to download the game at high speed. From using proxies to clearing the launcher cache, players are at their wit’s end trying to fix the issues.

Before we go over all of the potential fixes that can help you resolve the issue, consider checking out our guide for the Warlock class in case you want to optimise your skills and perks. We also have a guide for the Bard class if you want to know the best perks and songs.

A campfire in Dark and Darker.
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How do I fix Dark and Darker downloading slowly?

The slow downloads are caused by the Dark and Darker servers being overloaded. With development studio Ironmace moving out of Steam and choosing to partner with a relatively unknown platform, Chafgames, it does not look like the new storefront has the resources to handle such huge traffic. As the hype around the game’s return settles down, you should be able to download the game at your usual internet speed. Until then, here are some workarounds that you can try.

Use a VPN

A lot of players are finding success by using a VPN and connecting to a different region. This is a hit-or-miss solution, so you might want to hop across various regions with a VPN to see if you can get better speeds.

Restart the launcher

Restarting the launcher may give you a temporary speed bump. Do note that you may need to do this multiple times if your download speeds keep dropping every few minutes.

Restart your router

There is a chance that your internet is acting up and causing Dark and Darker to download slowly. Quickly restart your modem/router and see if you notice any improvements in your download speeds.

Reinstall the game

The launcher’s download cache can sometimes get corrupted, and if you are unable to download the game at normal speeds, you may need to cancel the game’s download and restart it. You should do this only if none of the other solutions work.


With the servers being overloaded right now, this issue will likely fix itself naturally once server traffic goes down. This was a rocky return for Dark and Darker, and hopefully, the server stability improves in the coming days.

Hopefully, our guide was able to help you fix Dark and Darker downloading slowly. For more on the game, check out our Dark and Darker tier list, alongside details on how the XP system works.

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