How to get clothes in Splatoon 3 - Shops, rewards, and more

clothes in Splatoon 3

clothes in Splatoon 3
September 14, 2022: Need some new drip? Read up on how to get clothes in Splatoon 3.

Worried about not looking cool enough while you make your debut in the Splatlands? No worries, here's how to get clothes in Splatoon 3. Powerful equipment is important, but you want to look good, too. Thankfully, Splatoon 3 has a way to manage both.

Splatoon has always been about looking fresh while taking on opponents in Turf Wars, and the available wardrobe options have never disappointed, no matter your personal style. But it isn't all about fashion sense; clothing items come with abilities, which can provide advantages in battle.

Check out our Splatoon 3 preview and our Splatoon 3 weapons tier list to get up to speed with the competitive meta. Here's a rundown of how to play the new TableTurf Battle, and the revamped Salmon Run.

How to get clothes in Splatoon 3

Clothing in Splatoon comes in a few categories. You have tops, headgear, and shoes - but you can also change which trousers or skirt your Inkling wears in the character customisation menu. The bottoms will always be black or dark grey, with a highlight of the ink colour you're using.

Each item has an Ability on it, and between one and three additional slots to that will fill up with Ability Chunks as you level up the item.

How to get clothes in Splatoon 3
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How to get clothes from Splatsville shops 

Splatsville is teeming with activity, including three different apparel stores. These are Man O' Wardrobe, Crush Station, and Naut Couture.

All three stores are run by new NPCs to the franchise, so we assume that the others stayed in their respective cities to carry on business. Note that this time, shops sell a daily selection instead of one big catalogue, so keep checking back.

First up is Man O' Wardrobe. This is down the street from the lobby and Grizzco, and has a black exterior. Here you can find all manner of tops - jackets, tanks, tees, you name it. Next door is Crush Station, run by a giant coconut crab named Mr Coco. He has tons of shoes on offer that come with important abilities like Stealth Jump.

The headgear store, Naut Couture, is a little harder to find. Head up a flight of iron stairs near the other two stores, and you'll be there. There are hats outside, so you can't miss it. This shop provides items like glasses, hats, bandanas and hair accessories.

How to get clothes in Splatoon 3
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Salmon Run rewards

It's not only retail therapy that will provide squids with their kits. You can get some clobber as rewards from your Salmon Run shifts.

On top of the money, your points will translate to prize capsules, some of which will contain clothing items. These will come equipped with Ability Chunks already, and if you get a double, you can recycle it for chunks instead. 

Other players

See those other squid kids wandering around the square? You can order their clothes! For the most part, anyway. Any Amiibo-related clothing cannot be ordered.

If you spy someone wearing a cool shirt, approach them, and you'll be able to select the item and place an order through Murch - the guy sat outside the Lobby building. He can also scrub your clothes or add Ability Chunks, and is where you can pick up orders from SplatNet 3.

SplatNet 3

Splatnet 3
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SplatNet 3 is coming with the release of Splatoon 3 - it's an accompanying program on the Nintendo Online mobile app. On it, you can see battle stats, download wallpapers, and order some clothes through the SplatNet Gear Shop, run by Annie who runs the same for Splatoon 2.

Similar to Splatoon 2, there will be changing options every day, this time one "Daily Drop" instead of new items every couple of hours, though. We recommend you keep an eye on this storefront, as often the items feature different Abilities than what appears in the clothing stores.

If you're eager for more Splatoon content, check out our beginner tips for anyone new to the series, and how we rank the available Abilities in our Splatoon 3 ability tier list as well.

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