Blue Protocol classes - All classes explained

picture of a part in Blue Protocol

picture of a part in Blue Protocol

Which one of the five Blue Protocol classes are you hoping to main in 2023? If you haven't checked them out in detail yet, read on. Over the past few years, we've seen quite a few anime-inspired RPGs make their way to the western world, and Blue Protocol, from the folks behind the Tales of games, is one we'll likely see a lot of in 2023.

Blue Protocol is an anime, cell-shaded RPG that's is created by Bandi Namco and published in the west by Amazon Games. It's an online multiplayer RPG that's set to release across multiple regions and platforms soon, with plenty of beta gameplay from over the years still around to give a rough idea of what to expect.

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All Blue Protocol classes

In Blue Protocol, you can pick from one of five classes as soon as you drop into Regnas. From spellcasters to archers and sword-wielding warriors to dual-wielding brawlers, there's comfort in these familiar styles.

The Blade Warden class in Blue Protocol.
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Blade Warden

The Blade Warden is your typical sword and board type of character. It has both offensive and defensive capabilities that allow it to excel in the front lines of battle.

The Twin Striker class in Blue Protocol.
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Twin Striker

The Twin Striker is the faster melee damage class in the game. The Twin Striker wields two powerful axes to deal devastating damage.

picture of Keen Strider in Blue Protocol
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Keen Strider

Keen Strider is an agile, bow user for long range engagements. They excel at weakening enemies from a distance to allow the front line to finish them off.

Picture of spell weaver in blue protocol
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Spell Weaver

Spell Weaver is the spellcaster of the cast. This powerful ranged class can manipulate the elements to dish out incredible fire, ice and lightning attacks.

The Foe Breaker in Blue Protocol.
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Foe Breaker

Foe Breaker is the final class available in Blue Protocol. The Foe Breaker utilizes a massive hammer to deal powerful close-up blows. It also can fire a cannonball for some shorter-ranged attacks.

Can you switch classes in Blue Protocol?

Yes, actually. Once you reach a certain point in the game with your first class, you're free to change your character to any of the other classes at the push of a button. Progress is saved on each, so like Final Fantasy XIV, you can play every class on a single character and swap to whichever your team demands.

And those are all the classes. While we're expecting that there will be five classes at launch, there's always a chance that there will be more classes down the line. While you're here, why not check out some of our WoW Dragonflight guides. We have the best leveling specs guide and a tank tier list to go with it..

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