Best Modern Warfare 2 Sakin 9 loadout 2022

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Image showing Modern Warfare player holding assault rifle
Credit: Activision
Latest update: October 13, 2022 -

Information on the best Modern Warfare 2 Sakin 9 loadout remains a mystery.

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Call of Duty titles feature a wide range of weapon categories in order to create a diverse weapon meta in addition to providing players with plenty of options when it comes to building the best Modern Warfare 2 Sakin 9 loadout. Despite containing everything ranging from assault rifles to launchers, players always establish a meta involving a handful of guns.


As the launch of Modern Warfare 2 nears, players are waiting for Infinity Ward to share more information on multiplayer. While they wait, leaks revealing everything ranging from intel on DMZ to killstreaks continue to emerge.

In addition, a leak showing the Modern Warfare 2 guns list reveals several new additions to the arsenal. With that said, is the Sakin 9 in Modern Warfare 2? Find all there is to know about the weapon in this handy guide.

Is the Sakin 9 in Modern Warfare 2?

If the leaked gun list is accurate, the Sakin 9 is one of several new additions making its way into the Modern Warfare 2 arsenal. As it's a brand-new gun, there are new clues as to which category it could slot into. For some variation, it could appear as a light machine gun (LMG) but it could always appear in a more common category as an assault rifle or submachine gun (SMG).


Once we find out more about the Sakin 9, we will update the guide with the latest information.

Sakin 9 Call of Duty history

Historically, there's not much to go on when it comes to the Sakin 9 in Call of Duty as it's never featured in the franchise. Rather than the gun being a brand-new offering, there is the possibility of it being a rework of another weapon from the Modern Warfare universe.


We will have to wait and see what Infinity Ward has in store to see whether the Sakin 9 can cement its position in future titles.

Is the Sakin 9 in the Modern Warfare 2 beta?

With the Modern Warfare 2 beta still a while away, it's unclear if the Sakin 9 will make an appearance. However, if it's a new gun, Infinity Ward may decide to add it into the early build in order to test its performance against the more established names. Could it surpass the likes of the M4 or the Lockwood 725?

That's all there is to know about the Sakin 9 in Modern Warfare. Be sure to check back nearer the time to find the best Sakin 9 Modern Warfare 2 loadout.


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