Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks list (Season One Reloaded)

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Image showing Gunship Killstreak from Modern Warfare
Credit: Activision
February 5, 2023: Ahead of Season Two, we've checked our intel to showcase all of the MW2 killstreaks available in multiplayer.

Scoring a selection of Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks is hugely satisfying. Dominating the opposition also results in you earning Killstreaks capable of supporting your teammates or dealing even more damage to the opposition. Previous titles include a pack of attack dogs to a Tactical Nuke that immediately ends the match.


Modern Warfare 2 contains an extensive range of game-changing streaks to suit any style of play. Whether you want to support your squad or score as many kills as possible, there's something for everyone.

Before we take a closer look at the Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks, check out our other guides showcasing the best Modern Warfare 2 loadouts and all there is to know about the best Modern Warfare 2 perks to use.

What are the best Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks?

Counter UAV 4 Kills
Cruise Missile6 Kills
Chopper Gunner10 Kills

This particular killstreak combination is perfect for dealing plenty of damage over the course of a match. It's extremely easy to score plenty of additional kills guaranteeing your place at the top of the scoreboard.

Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks

Thanks to the Modern Warfare 2 beta, we know that an extensive range of killstreaks is making its way into Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Here's a full list and the number of eliminations you need to earn them:

  • UAV (4 kills/500 score)
  • Bomb Drone (4 kills/500 score)
  • Counter UAV (5 kills/625 score)
  • Cluster Mine (5 kills/625 score)
  • Care Package (5 kills/625 score)
  • Precision Airstrike (6 kills/750 score)
  • Cruise Missile (6 kills/750 score)
  • Mortar Strike (6 kills/750 score)
  • Sentry Gun (7 kills/875 score)
  • S.A.E (7 kills/875 score)
  • VTOL Jet (8 kills/1000 score)
  • Overwatch Helo (8 kills/1000 score)
  • Wheelson-HS (8 kills/1000 score)
  • Stealth Bomber (10 kills/1250 score)
  • Chopper Gunner (10 kills/1250 score)
  • Emergency Airdrop (10 kills/1250 score)
  • Gunship (12 kills/1500 score)
  • Advanced UAV (12 kills/1500 score)
  • Juggernaut (15 kills/1875 score)

As with previous titles, there's a chance Infinity Ward adds more killstreaks to Modern Warfare 2 through seasonal updates. Once we hear more intel, we will update the guide with the latest information.

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 UAV inside a hangar
Credit: Activision

Does Modern Warfare 2 have a Tactical Nuke?

According to players starting to load into the action there is a killstreak that's equivalent to the legendary Tactical Nuke. Known as the MGB (Mass Guided Bomb), players need to score 25 kills in a row to call one in. It also brings the game to an early end.


That's all we know about the Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks so far. For more on Infinity Ward's upcoming release, be sure to check out our guide showcasing the Modern Warfare 2 map list.