Best Project Zomboid mods for 2023

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A man with a backpack is surrounded by zombies
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Project Zomboid is an open-world isometric horror game that revolves around protecting yourself and your allies from the zombie-infested apocalypse. In order to survive, you must manage your personal needs, such as hunger and stress, all while scavenging for supplies and fighting off attacks. This is a collection of the best mods for Project Zomboid if you’re checking it out in 2023.

Project Zomboid is a very immersive experience that is highly recommended to fans of the genre. The game has also attracted a very active modding community. While some focus on the quality of life, such as visible bars for things like hunger and weapons, others have made whole new maps.


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Best Project Zomboid mods for 2023

Bedford Falls

Available for download here

A layout of Bedford Falls, a town mod for Project Zomboid
Credit: Nexus Mods - User RingoD123
A whole new town to explore!

Bedford Falls is one of the more iconic mod maps available for Project Zomboid. It is added to the south east of the map, by Muldraugh, and is accessible by car. There are some interesting landmarks in this town, such as a huge mental health facility on the west of the map, and military barracks to the east.

There is notably better loot here, but that’s likely due to the fact that no-one has been brave enough to come and grab it yet. This map comes with a much higher difficulty, with more zombie spawns and an increased risk of fatalities.


Better Sorting

Available for download here

The top picture has everything listed as 'item', not helpful at all. The bottom image has everything listed appropriately into categories
Credit: Steam - User ChobitsCrazy
Whatever was an 'item', anyway?

This is a simple mod. Whenever you add things to your storage, it lists everything as an ‘item’. This makes it difficult to actually be able to see what you have in stock. With Better Sorting, the games will now give your items actual categories. Finally, you’ll be able to tell just how much food or medical supplies you have at a brief glance.

Just Throw Them Out The Window

Available for download here

'Throw corpse off window' is now an option when clicking on zombie corpses.
Credit: Steam - User co`
Just taking the trash out

Some players like to keep a memento of the zombies they’ve taken down in the world. They are happy for the corpses of the slain to lay around their base like fallen trophies. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. In fact, a large number of players like to take good care of their base and keep it looking as pretty as possible.

So what’s the solution to dealing with all of the dead zombies that invaded your base only to be beaten back? Well, with Just Throw Them Out The Window, it lets you do just that. By throwing a body either out of the window or over the fence, it will help dispose of the evidence.


Available for download here

A man is hiding in his super secret military basement
Credit: Steam - Users Konijima, Pertominus, Riko Prushka and BitBraven
I've always wanted one of these

In the case of a worldwide apocalypse, where your base can be broken into and overwhelmed at any point, it makes sense that you’d make some precautions, right? One of the more obvious ones would be having access to a basement, an area that is easy to defend, large enough to store things in, and cool enough to show off to your friends.

Thankfully, this mod is here to make this thought a reality. It offers a variety of basement shapes and sizes, with over 152 basement locations throughout the default map for you to explore. They have access to electric panels, and can be fully customised to make into whatever kind of area you want.


Autotsar Trailers

Available for download here

A person is camping beside a lake with their brand new Сamper trailer "Autotsar iLYA-1990". New decade - new level of comfort!
Credit: Steam - Users Aragon, iBrRus and Troy Mc'Clure
Cozy Camping Simulator 2023

You never really know how much you take a car for granted until you no longer have access to one. What happens when you want to move house? Or when you want to loot all of the resources from your local construction site after all of the workers turned into zombies?

With the addition of Autotsar Trailers, you will never have to worry about not having enough space again. There are a few different models, depending on your needs, for you to choose from. Even better, there is a camper trailer option that comes with all the important things like a mattress and a fridge. Finally, you can go on the zombie-hunting road trip of your dreams.

Family Manor

Available for download here

A player is standing inside one of their many rooms, decorated to be perhaps a dining room
Credit: Nexus Mods - User VolTes
I'm just an average man, in my average home

Family Manor is another map addition that gives you the opportunity to make the ultimate base. It comes with everything you’ve ever wanted in a zombie apocalypse: a greenhouse, a beach camp, and even a stylised 18th-century Slavic village. No longer will you be scrabbling for loose paracetamol under the sofa in someone's basement. Instead, you can relax at the beach camp with a non-alcoholic beverage in your hand while you listen to the moans of the dead from the other side of the wall.


Available for download here

Antibodies in an interesting mod, which expands on the zombification mechanic that otherwise causes an end-game event for the player. Rather than it being an automatic fail if you get bitten, the immune system of the character has a chance to respond. The chances of success will depend on a number of different factors, including character traits and the current stage of infection.

The mod also leaves it ambiguous as to how well the body is fighting off the infection. Neither the player nor the character will have no idea how well their immune system is fighting off the infection until they see the result of it, for better or for worse.

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