Fallout 4’s most beloved horror mod has received a 2022 remaster

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Some pretty spooky creatures in Fallout 4.

While a lot of Fallout 4 mods are designed to bring beloved features and characters from previous games in the series to the Commonwealth, including everyone’s favourite clone and Mr House’s robotic friends, sometimes one comes along that offers less in the way of friendly faces.

Among these are an array of horror-themed mods designed with the express purpose of giving the Sole Survivor the willies from the moment they wake up in Vault 111.

If that’s your definition of a good time in the game, then you’re in luck, as one of its most beloved horror mods is currently making a comeback courtesy of a remaster.

Are you looking forward to returning to the creepy Commonwealth?

The mod in question is called ‘Pilgrim Remastered - ENB and Weather’ and is the work of modders TreyM and L00ping, the latter of whose previous work has filled The Commonwealth with cursed monsters and made the game look like a retro sci-fi movie.

This time the pair have teamed up to revitalise an incredibly popular mod of theirs from 2017 called ‘Pilgrim: Dread the Commonwealth’, by enacting a number of tweaks, including making sure it works with all of the game’s DLC packs.

Also among these changes, which you might be able to spot in the video below if you’re eagle-eyed, are a “custom fog shader designed to complement the game's existing fog and volumetric rays”, adjustments that should allow the ENB to adapt to different weather conditions more easily, a depth-of-field shader “designed to mimic the behaviour of real lenses” and some improvements to how it applies colour.

If watching that has you desperate to jump into the mod, then you’ll need to grab Doodlezoid’s ‘ENB Helper for Fallout 4’ and the latest ENB binaries from ENBDev.com in order to get things working as intended.

Regardless of whether you’re currently preparing to have goosebumps throughout your next Fallout 4 playthrough, make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods like this one for Fallout, Skyrim and Elden Ring.

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