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One Pieces movies

One Pieces movies

One Piece is one of the greatest anime series in Japanese history. In this article, we will list the best One Piece Movies you should watch as soon as possible.

One Piece is the longest-running anime series. Eiichiro Oda's original manga series has been serialized on Weekly Shonen Jump since 1997, while the anime version debuted in 1999. There have been 15 One Piece anime movies since the series debuted in 2000. The creation of the most recent One Piece spin-off movies, which are connected to the main tale but are separate stories, was overseen by Eiichiro Oda himself.

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Here are the best One Pieces movies

  • One Piece Film: Z (2012)
  • One Piece: Stampede (2019)
  • One Piece Film: Gold (2016)
  • One Piece Film: Strong World (2009)
  • Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005)

One Piece Film: Z (2012)

One Piece Film: Z
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The character Z, a fearsome former Marine Admiral who appears as the plot's antagonist, lends the movie its title. It is the twelfth film in the One Piece series. The Straw Hat gang starts a quest to find the stolen diamonds while navigating the rough seas of the New World, stopping Z from making problems. Z's past and the history of the Marines are explained in great detail in the film.

Z has excellent music, swinging from building tension to gloomy themes. Furthermore, you will notice that the artwork is more dynamic, especially during action scenes. It can be difficult to feel invested in the movie releases because they aren't regarded as canon, but Z goes considerably further than any other nemesis by threatening to end the New World and, by extension, One Piece altogether. Fans should watch Z if other movies did not satisfy them to restore their faith in One Piece films.

One Piece: Stampede (2019)

One Piece: Stampede
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In the One Piece series, this is the fourteenth film. The world's largest event designed by and for pirates, the Pirates Festival, is where Stampede pursues the Straw Hat crew. Although the story is not particularly interesting or funny, the movie is still enjoyable throughout.

As part of the celebrations, the Straw Hats head out to look for Gold Roger's missing wealth, but they quickly learn that the gathering is a trap created by greedy pirate Douglas Bullet, better known as the Demon Heir. Given the context, there is a heck of a lot of characters in the movie, including the majority of the pirates.

The artwork and visuals in the movie are excellent, the fight scenes including upgraded, outstanding cinematography. Stampede makes the best of its non-canon existence, even though it is only a fan service. Fans of One Piece will find it to be intense, full of vibrant moments, and great eye candy.

One Piece Film: Gold (2016)

One Piece Film: Gold
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Gold is the thirteenth film in the One Piece series. The Straw Hat Crew is drawn to the casino when they travel on the Gran Tesoro ship with the possibility of winning the prize. When Luffy and his gang decide to try their chances at winning large, Gild Tesoro, the immensely rich ruler of the city, connives to rob them of their money and kidnaps Zoro.

The Straw Hats decide to pull a heist since they have no other choice; they will loot Zoro's kidnapper and use his funds to pay the ransom. The movie has excellent audio, animation, and scenery. The flow is also excellent, with entertaining plot turns throughout.

One Piece fans can expect to see characters from prior storylines. It's delightful to observe the Straw Hat group at the casino, dressed in noble garb and acting like a family. The movie is also more appealing since Gild Tesoro is a decent villain.

One Piece Film: Strong World (2009)

One Piece Film: Strong World
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The tenth instalment in the series, Strong World, was worked on by Eiichiro Oda. Luffy and his squad decide to look into the reports of the devastation of the islands in East Blue. After eating the Float-Float Fruit and fleeing Impel Down, Shiki kidnaps Nami.

In the movie, the Straw Hats battle Shiki the Golden Lion, and he was so outrageously pirate-y that he amputated his legs to free himself from imprisonment and substituted them with swords. The crew was amazing as usual, but Shiki shone as a special individual.

The costumes constitute fan service in the film. The primary character of the film, Nami, can appeal to an older audience because of her slightly mature appearance. Viewers may rely on Luffy, Sanji, and Brook for humour. The story has an old-fashioned feel to it, so not everyone will find it funny.

Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005)

Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island
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In the sixth movie, One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, the crew goes through Baron Omatsuri's Ordeals of Hell. One Piece is renowned for having some of the most distinctive scenery in the anime universe and the gang is drawn to the secret island by its casinos, spas, stunning women, and mouthwatering cuisine. But they must first conquer several challenges before they may enjoy themselves.

The movie's fascinating premise will probably persuade viewers to watch it. It has typical but fantastic characters, humour, and an intriguing plot. One element that stands out is the blending of CGI and 2D graphics. It's fascinating to observe how the Straw Hat Crew can conflict, quarrel over anything and everything, and still function.

When it comes to the Straw Hats, the animators reduced the level of detail and focused instead on producing beautiful landscapes and surroundings. Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island is a good addition to the One Piece film canon, therefore this new route was a good one.

The One Piece films are not considered canon for the series. Although they are rather good, you can also choose to skip them. Only if you desire some diversity, you may add these movies to your watchlist.

Additionally, it probably helps if you watched at least a portion of the original anime before some of the films. Even though they are not canon, certain movies lack specific cast members and other things. Strong World and Film Z, in particular, are worth watching because they will teach you more about the history of the One Piece universe and its numerous characters. You can accept most of the information as canon because Oda himself contributed a significant amount to these films. But hey, the choice is yours!

And with this, we come to the end of our list of the best One Piece Movies. Being an anime fan, don't forget to check out our list of the One Piece Game codes and the Best One Piece Roblox Games

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