Best Hogwarts Legacy character names – Fun names for Wizards and Witches

Multiple characters in Hogwarts Legacy.

Multiple characters in Hogwarts Legacy.
May 5, 2022 - Hogwarts Legacy is now out on PS4 and Xbox One, following delays, so more players are jumping into the game.

At the beginning of your Hogwarts Legacy playthrough, you will have to choose a name for your character. In this guide, we give you some of the best Hogwarts Legacy character names to give you some inspiration.

You’ve spent some time thinking and still don’t know what name you should give to your character? This guide will give you some tips on how to generate a nice name for the protagonist of your story in Hogwarts Legacy.

But before that, make sure you check our guide on whether the game has multiple endings. Also, we have a guide on whether you can go to Diagon Alley in Hogwarts Legacy.

Best names in Hogwarts Legacy

Multiple characters in Hogwarts Legacy.
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If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, then you should try to give your character a name that sounds like it belongs to this fantastic universe. However, generating such a name is quite difficult and there are a few different ways to make this process simpler and more fun.

First of all, there are many different name-generating websites. They work as tools that are able to generate various names for your characters. So, you can try to use them or choose any name from the two lists below.

We came up with these names when Hogwarts Legacy first launched on PS5, PC, and Series X. Now it's out on old-gen systems, but the names work just as well.

How to generate character names for Hogwarts Legacy

Multiple characters in Hogwarts Legacy.
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If you want to generate your own name then you can try to use the next method. First, pick a name of a character from the Harry Potter stories.

After that, just use it as a basis for your own name. For example, you can choose the name “Harry Potter” and turn it into Mary Potter or Danny Gotter. Just try to experiment with different names and you will definitely get a nice one. However, if you have a good imagination then you can try to generate a name on your own.

Best male character names in Hogwarts Legacy

The character in Hogwarts Legacy.
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Using a name generator ourselves, as well as using the second method for some, here are some interesting results for male characters.

  • Hugh Bagman
  • Rowan Skeeter
  • Dwight Vigil
  • Zadarin Morelli
  • Qalzar Longbottom
  • Dhemaex Trelawney
  • Dhulenor Potter
  • Vernon Vanishor
  • Istrum LeRouge
  • Bryce Crabbe
  • Shukore Carrow
  • Empran Slughorn
  • Elazin Potter
  • Egerton Pecularis

Best female character names in Hogwarts Legacy

Two characters in Hogwarts Legacy.
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We did the same for female characters too, and these are some of the results.

  • Virish Amazario
  • Uvia Grim
  • Misty Necronomicus
  • Dawn Wondaris
  • Hedwig Grove
  • Lavender Verloga
  • Keeva Sangrey
  • Septima Bloodworth
  • Hattie Diablos
  • Kerrigan Vance
  • Dethall Wizarius
  • Hattie Glavigor
  • Marge Carpathia

Naming your character can be really difficult if you don't just use your own name so hopefully we've given you some inspiration. Good luck with your further adventures in Hogwarts.

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