Best Dying Light 2 mods for 2023

The main character ziplining across buildings in Dying Light 2.

The main character ziplining across buildings in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 was the much-awaited sequel to the game that made players once again afraid of the dark. It promised a bigger city that would feel more alive than ever, along with difficult choices that had bigger consequences. For many, they felt that Dying Light 2 delivered on the movement and action they had hoped for. However, many found that outside of these two aspects, the game began to fall apart.

This is where the modding community comes in. There are some great Dying Light 2 mods that make the game a lot more enjoyable to play, without altering the story or experience too much. Unless of course, you’re looking for that kind of thing.

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Best Dying Light 2 mods for 2023

A side by side of no post processing vs the glaring light of bloom and lens flare in Dying Light 2.
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Credit: Nexus Mods - shawnikaros
Sometimes the post-processsing is just a little too much.

No Post Processing Effects

In every generation of gaming, there seems to be some telltale design choice that ages it in years to come. While the controversial lens flare has been around since the dawn of gaming, it has seen a resurgence in modern gaming. At least, it seemed to peak in 2015 and has been slowly disappearing since.

Dying Light didn’t seem to get this memo and overloads its game with post-effects. It’s difficult to look anywhere in the game without seeing some sort of bloom, especially as the gameplay relies on having bright lights to keep the city safe. This mod removes them, and in doing so, gives back a sense of immersion.

A vendor in Dying Light 2 is selling decent and well priced items.
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Credit: Nexus Mods - Four
Finally, we can actually buy decent gear from her now.

The Golden Vendor

Some Dying Light 2 players found the vendors to be unfair at best. They would never seem to have any decent stock, and even the lowest-tiered items were priced astronomically. The Craftmasters of the city didn’t even sell basic items related to their field!

This mod aims to change that. It provides a complete overhaul of the vendor system in the game, making it more player-friendly and requiring less of a grind just to buy necessities. It increases both the quantity and quality of items sold, allows Windmill traders to sell Twitch drops and easter egg items, and gives the biggest traders in the game the opportunity to sell artifact-grade gear. All of this will come at a much cheaper price too, making the difficulty of the game more about the zombies, and less about the economy.

'I AM LEGION REBORN 1.1' with a zombie with a headscarf in Dying Light 2.
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Credit: Nexus Mods - DocOnHoliday
Diversity is the spice of life

I Am Legion Reborn

There are few things that can make a world feel truly alive: interesting NPCs, the world existing separate from the main character, and diversity. Some games are fine with having the minimum number of zombie models, like the Left 4 Dead franchise, but that’s because they’re not trying to instil a sense of immersion or a weighted atmosphere. While the Dying Light 2 special infected do have a wonderful variety that affects gameplay too, many fans felt that the standard models were a little repetitive.

This mod aims to change that. User DocOnHoliday has created over a thousand different custom enemy types, as well as over two hundred new armour skins. There are character selection mechanics and even a Zombie Mode. It seems like a small point to worry about, but it makes a world of difference when you’re in the game.

A man is holding a katana with two zombies in front of him in Dying Light 2.
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Credit: Nexus Mods - Nbk11231 Image Credit: Windows Central
They'll always choose the worst time to break too

Unlimited Weapon Durability

There are few things more annoying in a game - especially one that revolves around combat - than to have a weapon break on you. You can repair weapons in the game, but only as many times as they have mod slots. This isn’t a big deal when it comes to the most basic weapons, but what about your gold-standard ones?

Thankfully, the community worked very quickly to ensure that this didn’t have to happen to players ever again. This Unlimited Weapon Durability mod makes it so that you can keep your favourite weapon for as long as you play the game.

'PHYSICS ARE BACK FOR DYING LIGHT 2 1.3' with zombies flying through the air behind it.
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Credit: Nexus Mods - DocOnHoliday
Where would we be without physics, eh? Not here, that's for sure

Physics Are Back

Whenever there is a sequel to a game, there is a basic understanding that the new release will be an improvement to the predecessor. After all, the team will have access to newer mechanics, feedback from the community about what they liked and didn’t like, and a solid foundation upon which to build the next one.

It makes it all the more confusing then when the game is released with a core mechanic noticeably worse that the first one. For Dying Light 2, this was the physics. This is an important feature considering all of the parkour in the game. This mod makes the physics closer to those found in the original Dying Light, as well as removing some animations and improving the weapon hit detection.

A very foggy city in Dying Light 2.
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Credit: Nexus Mods - ShadowDuke
Now isn't that just beautiful?

Proper Dynamic Weather

This mod aims to make the world feel just a little more authentic. While weather systems are still somewhat finding their feet in games outside of Minecraft, they can add a whole lot to the atmosphere.

However, it doesn’t just add them into the game. User ShadowDuke has put a lot of effort into giving them pre-set times and durations. For example, there is a much higher chance for fog to occur in the early mornings. It’s little things like that can make an average game into a truly wonderful one, and its effects can only be felt once you’ve experienced them.

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