How to get bean juice in Ooblets

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Cuddlecups cafe in Ooblets

Oob is filled with recipes that you can cook in your home using ingredients from your farm - so here is how to get bean juice in Ooblets.

Bean juice, also known in the real world as coffee, is an integral item to your adventuring in Badgetown and its surrounding areas. It can be used to replenish your stamina or to entice Ooblets into battle.

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Cuddlecups cafe in Ooblets

How to get bean juice in Ooblets


Getting your hands on some sweet, sweet bean juice is easy. You can buy it from Cuddlecups Cafe on the East side of town for 30 gummies a cup, but there are limited quantities available.

If your farming is going well, then you can make it yourself! For this, you will need the Kettle and Cup cooking item, which is also sold at Cuddlecups Cafe, costing 1500 gummies. It's a hefty investment but means you can have beans on tap. The recipe to make bean juice is one lot of Ground Springbeans.

Before this, you'll need to unlock both the Ground Springbeans and Bean Juice recipes at the Wishie Well.

How do I get Ground Springbeans?

You can make your own Ground Springbeans in the comfort of your own farm, in the Crunchster. You'll get one of these in the early game, but in order to make the Ground Springbeans you'll need the recipe from the Wishie Well.

Then, grow some Springbeans on your farm. Seeds cost six gummies each from Meed's Seeds and take a few days to grow. When they're ready, harvest them, and put them into the Crunchster. Don't forget to get an Ooblet in there to work it, too!

You can also buy the Ground Springbeans for 16 gummies each at Cuddlecups Cafe.

bean juice in Ooblets

What is bean juice used for?


Bean juice isn't just a nice drink, it can serve a few purposes. To begin, it will replenish 40 energy, and will also increase your movement speed for 60 seconds. If you drink more than one cup, this stacks, so you can move faster for longer.

You can reconstitoot bean juice in the Reconstitooter, and it counts as 22 pieces of slurry. Cuddlecups Cafe's owner, Dubble, will buy bean juice off you, too - for 15 gummies a cup.

Lastly, you'll need three bean juice to initiate a dance battle with the Isopud Ooblet, found in Badgetown when Even More Ooblets III is unlocked.

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