Bayonetta 3 Demon Slaves - Best choices and how to use

Viola conjuring Cheshire as her Demon Slave in Bayonetta 3.

Viola conjuring Cheshire as her Demon Slave in Bayonetta 3.

Looking to learn more about Bayonetta 3 Demon Slaves? These beastly companions can completely change the momentum in battle, and do a whole lot of damage against bosses as well. As such, it's crucial to know all about them, as well as which ones are best.

In this Bayonetta 3 guide, we'll break down the key details around Demon Slaves. That includes what they are, how to use them, and which ones are best. You'll get to try out a fair few across your time with the game, so it's good to know which ones are worth sticking with.

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What are Bayonetta 3 Demon Slaves?

Demon Slaves are a new group of companions that Bayonetta can summon in the latest game. You'll encounter these huge hulking beasts across the main story, before being able to conjure them in specific combat sections.

Canonically, these encompass various demons that Bayonetta has encountered during the game, which she can then call on for a temporary period of time during battle. Their attacks are far more powerful than Bayonetta's regular moves, and they can also be used in different combinations to perform blistering combo moves.

Bayonetta conjuring the Gomorrah Demon Slave in Bayonetta 3.
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How do I use Bayonetta 3 Demon Slaves?

To summon a Demon Slave in Bayonetta 3, you need to press the ZL button in specific combat scenarios. You'll be able to tell when you can use a Demon Slave, because the bottom-left corner of the screen will be illuminated by the icon of the demons you've unlocked. They're inaccessible in tighter areas and smaller combat scenarios, denoted by a red cross across your Demon Slaves.

While holding ZL, the Demon Slaves you currently have equipped will phase onto the battlefield. During this period you can no longer control Bayonetta, with the left thumbstick and face buttons instead corresponding to movement and attacks with the Demon Slave.

From there it's combat as usual, hacking and slashing at enemies, while doing a whole lot of extra damage. The only downside is that your Demon Slave will disappear as soon as Bayonetta takes damage, or when your magic meter runs out.

As such, you can only harness the power of Demon Slaves on a temporary basis. However, all you need to do to recharge your magic meter is to consume a Purple Magic Lollipop, or damage enemies.

Which Bayonetta 3 Demon Slaves are best?

For our money, there are a few Demon Slaves in Bayonetta 3 who tower above the rest. Check out which ones we recommend using, so you can always pack that extra punch in combat.

Mainly, you'll want to use Madama Butterfly as your main Demon Slave. She's the first one you lock, as an extension of the Umbra Witch demon lurking within Bayonetta. As such, her moveset is fairly similar to the eponymous hero, with lots of punches and kicks. Fortunately they deal a whole lot of damage, making her a no-brainer.

Gomorrah, the Devourer of the Divine, is another great choice. This dragon-like demon doesn't move as fast as other Demon Slaves, but packs a huge damage buff with its sharp claws and bite attacks.

Lastly, you can't go wrong with Phantasmaraneae. This spider-like demon is useful for traversal in some guided platforming levels throughout Bayonetta 3, so you'll become familiar with it in no time.

That's it for our look at Bayonetta 3 Demon Slaves! For even more on the game, check out its length, as well as if it has a multiplayer mode. On top of that, we've got a look at Bayonetta 4.

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