Bayonetta 3 length - How many chapters are there?

Bayonetta with two guns in combat

Bayonetta with two guns in combat

So, how many hours will you be putting into the new Bayonetta? Curious about the Bayonetta 3 length? No matter the length of the game, after such a long wait, it's bound to be worthwhile.

Bayonetta 3 sees the Umbra Witch back again amongst a cast of new characters, who will join her fight to save Tokyo, China, and more. You can also take on the role of Viola, a new addition who works alongside her personal demon, a cat called Cheshire. But crucially, how long will you spend with the game?

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How long is Bayonetta 3?

By our estimation, Bayonetta 3 will take you around 11 hours to complete. That includes all the main chapters, side quests, and lengthy cutscenes to get stuck into.

Bayonetta 3 clearly has a good few hours of content behind it. Right off the bat you'll get a prologue, fourteen chapters, and some post-game content, too. There are side missions on top of the main story quests, and plenty of cinematic cutscenes to keep you engaged.

Is there any post-game Bayonetta 3 content?

Don't be fooled by Bayonetta's end credits. That doesn't mean the game is over! As with most big titles, there are things to do even after the credits roll. Look out for a post-credits epilogue, with some more action to race through.

Of course, after you've finished the story for the first time, there's plenty of impetus to dive back in. True Bayonetta diehards will want to get the Platinum medal on each level, which requires plenty of dedication and speed running.

You also unlock new playable characters after finishing the story for the first time, meaning there's plenty of variety if you choose to dive back in for another run through the main quest.

A boss battle featuring Bayonetta and two giant monsters
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How many hours does it take to beat Bayonetta 3?

When you complete Bayonetta 3 for the first time, the game will provide a breakdown of how long it took you to beat. This factors in cutscenes, making it significantly longer than the time you spent actually battling.

In terms of hours spent playing the game, the actual story takes around 6 hours to finish. This is, however, excluding the cutscenes. Factoring them in brings the total to 11 hours. This still isn't a long game by any means, but shows that the cinematics make up a large part of the game.

When is the Bayonetta 3 release date?

Bayonetta 3 finally released on the Nintendo Switch on October 28. This came after years of speculation, and almost a decade's worth of waiting after the release of Bayonetta 2 back in 2014.

The game is only be available on the Nintendo Switch, and there are no plans for a PC release at this time.

That's it for our look at Bayonetta 3's length! For other handy guides, check out our Shindo Life codes and our Wild Rift tier list.

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