Bayonetta 3 switch characters - How to change playable character

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Bayonetta and Viola chatting in a demon bar.

Looking for the Bayonetta 3 switch characters method? While we all love battling demons and other gooey monsters with the Umbra Witch herself, sometimes it's fun to launch into combat with another character. As such, there's a good chance you'll want to learn who else you can play as, and how to flick between characters.

In this Bayonetta 3 guide, we'll go over how you switch characters to shake up gameplay and access a whole host of different moves and special abilities in the game. We'll also list the specific playable characters in the game, as there may be some surprising faces hidden within.

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How do I switch characters in Bayonetta 3?

Generally speaking, you aren't able to switch characters in Bayonetta 3. As we'll get into later on, each of the three playable characters performs a very different role, and as such you can't flit between them as you please. Rather, each one is fixed to the specific area and gameplay style they inhibit.

However, you can choose any of the three playable characters to use in Training Mode. Simply select that option from the Chapter Menu, and you can scroll between Bayonetta, Viola, and Jeanne. The same also applies to Witch Trials, a combat-focused endurance mode you unlock after completing the story.

The character selection screen in Bayonetta 3.
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Which characters are playable in Bayonetta 3?

Of course, most of your time will be spent playing as Bayonetta. She's the titular character after all, so it's no surprise that you spend most of your time as the iconic Umbra Witch. Most levels by default will have you controlling Bayonetta, so you don't need to worry about switching to her manually before every chapter.

The character you also control quite frequently is Viola. She's a brand new character in Bayonetta 3, and is a much less experienced witch than Bayonetta. Alongside her trusty demon pet Cheshire, you control her in some fixed chapters throughout the game, based on the narrative.

Equally, you can also play as Bayonetta's trusty friend Jeanne in certain scenarios. Namely, these are the 2.5D side-scrolling missions that take place in between main chapter missions. In these Metroid-style chapters, you infiltrate Homunculi-infested laboratories to rescue a person of interest. You also unlock Jeanne as a playable character in Training Mode after finishing the main story.

That's it for our look at how to switch character in Bayonetta 3, as well as all the playable characters you can control. For even more on the game, check out whether a PC release is on the cards, as well as everything we know about Bayonetta 4.

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