As Dusk Falls Multiplayer: How to Play Online With Friends and Local Co-op

as dusk falls, multiplayer

as dusk falls, multiplayer

As Dusk Falls, the new Xbox exclusive that's narrative focused, is finally out on Game Pass and Game Pass for PC this week, and you can play it in a few different ways. The As Dusk Falls multiplayer options are plentiful, letting you play in local co-op, with up to eight players online, and even via a mobile companion app for extra versatility.

This guide will breakdown how to play online by inviting friends to a lobby, as well as how to set up a local co-op game from the comfort of your couch. If you have your phone ready and you're hoping to absolutely max out your player lobby, fire up your app store of choice right. You'll need it.

For more on As Dusk Falls, we also have all the details you need on the As Dusk Falls voice cast and whether the game is coming to Nintendo Switch or not. You might have gathered the answer to that from the first line above, but there's more to talk about. You can also check out our review.

How to Play Online With Friends in As Dusk Falls

The main way to play As Dusk Falls with friends is via the game's online matchmaking. We've laid out the steps to follow to set one up below:

  • Select Play with Friends from the main menu.
  • Select your profile to begin a game.
  • Select Go Online on the Lobby Set Up screen.
  • Select Invite Friends, choosing between players actively playing the game, those online, or those offline.
  • Invite the friends you'd like to play with, with up to eight being available.
  • Press B if you're on Xbox or select Back on PC to return to the Lobby Set-Up screen.
  • If you want, you can add local players too now by turning on more controllers or adding more players via the As Dusk Fall Companion App.
  • Once all the friends have accepted your invite and joined, you can press Ready to start the session.
as dusk falls multiplayer
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How to Play Local Co-Op

If you'd rather play As Dusk Falls multiplayer with people from the comfort of the same couch, there are some other steps to follow. Again, we've broken them down below:

  • Much like for online multiplayer, select Play with Friends and choose your profile.
  • On the Lobby Set-Up screen, choose Add Local Players or launch the As Dusk Falls Companion App on your phone and press Join Game.
  • Type in the connection code you'll see on screen into the box in the Companion App.
  • Up to four players can play together on the same screen by connecting additional controllers. Eight players can play on the same screen using a combination of controllers and smartphones.
  • Wait for everyone to be in the lobby and you can jump into the game to play together.

That's all there is to setting up As Dusk Falls multiplayer games. The developers say that the game is designed to be played with other people, so try to jump in with them whenever you can. If that's not possible, though, you'll still be able to have fun on your own.

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