The Quarry: Can You Save Kaylee Hackett?

The Quarry Kaylee Hackett

The Quarry is a game loaded with tough decisions and gruesome deaths. If you're wondering "can you save Kaylee Hackett in The Quarry?", this is what you need to know.

As you might expect from a guide like this, there will be some spoilers in explaining why certain events work out the way they do. If you want to go into the experience without spoiling some of what makes the story work so well, you may want to come back here after your first playthrough. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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Can You Save Kaylee Hackett in The Quarry?

Unfortunately, there is no way of saving Kaylee Hackett in The Quarry. She will always die as part of Laura's story. You can affect some of the preamble but that part is set in stone. This is needed to make the Hackett house turn more violent and aggressive against the group, playing into the last act.

From here, you can save almost everyone else.

Huge spoilers for the end of the game ahead:

If you want to save everyone, as well as nailing some early choices and passing most of the QTEs, you have to take Travis, Laura and Ryan into the woods and kill Silas. Failing to do so will leave many of the crew cursed and the shuffle between Laura and Travis may leave Silas killing Ryan, Travis and Laura. Unfortunately, someone has to die in The Quarry for the rest to live.

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