All difficulty levels in Armored Core 6

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armored core 6 mech

Here’s everything you need to know about difficulty settings and all the difficulty levels in Armored Core 6. From Software is known to develop some of the toughest games of this generation. Its latest title, Armored Core 6, doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the game’s difficulty.

Armored Core 6 is a third-person mech shooter RPG, where the base gameplay focuses on improving your AC unit by installing better parts. As the missions progress and you become stronger with more upgrades, so do your enemies. The crushing difficulty of the game truly shines during boss fights, where you take on monstrous enemy units. So, this guide on the difficult settings in Armored Core 6 will help you understand how to tackle the various difficulty levels in the game.

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All Armored Core 6 difficulty settings explained

As of right now, there are no difficulty sliders in Armored Core 6. Hence, the game technically only has one difficulty level which is selected by default. There is no way to actually increase or decrease the difficulty.

From Software has a reputation for not including difficulty levels in its games, which is why their previous titles, like Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Elden Ring, are considered some of the hardest games in recent times. The same holds true for Armored Core 6, as you can’t make the boss fights and overall gameplay any easier. The game’s menu doesn’t come with any difficulty selection options, either.

armored core 6 reverse joint leg build for balteus boss fight
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Can you play Armored Core 6 on easy mode?

It is traditional at this point for From Software not to add difficulty sliders, as the challenge presented in its games is part of the core gameplay loop. However, with enough time investment, you can master the mechanics of the game, making combat engagements more manageable.

The best way to make Armored Core 6 combat more approachable and somewhat easy is to understand which Armored Core builds are potent for certain enemy encounters. For example, the chapter one boss, Balteus, who serves as a skill check for many players, uses pulse shields. So, using a pulse weapon for this fight makes it rather easy. Similarly, a mech with aerial mobility will have an easier time with the platforming during the Strider fight.


You can replay older missions and grind out credits to purchase the best gear. Then, approach later missions with your new gear to make them easier. Be sure to fiddle around to find the best build for your playstyle. Armored Core 6 encourages you to swap around with your builds, and someone who doesn’t utilise this mechanic will have a significantly harder time with the game.

Knowing you can’t tone down the difficulty in AC 6 should incentivise you to improve your gear for difficult enemies. But there you have it, that's all you need to know about the sometimes punishing difficulty level in Armored Core 6. For more guides and related content, be sure to check how long the game takes to beat.

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