Apex Legends Season 19 - everything you need to know

Apex Legends Revenant holding heirloom with another planet in background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Revenant holding heirloom with another planet in background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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Season 18 of Apex Legends is nearing its end, which means Apex Legends Season 19 is right around the corner.

The next season of Apex Legends is bound to bring in a wealth of new content and a battle pass packed with cosmetics for you to unlock by playing both casual and ranked matches. In addition to all of the new content up for grabs, there's a chance weapon balancing is applied which could also influence our weapon tier list.

But before we reveal the latest Apex Legends Season 19 intel, be sure to check out our Apex Legends tier list showcasing the very best Legends to use for the remainder of Season 18, plus who could slot into the early meta when Season 19 gets underway.

Apex Legends Season 19 release date

Apex Legends Season 19 commences on October 31, 2023, which is fast approaching. Typically, a new season kicks off at 6 pm BST, but there's always a chance this could change. As soon as Respawn reveals when the new season begins, we'll update the hub with the latest information.

We do know, however, that this new season is titled 'Ignite'. This could mean anything, from fan theories about a reworked Storm Point to the potential abilities of new legend, Conduit.

As soon as we know, we'll keep you updated!

 Apex Legends Fuse with hands stretched out in front of robotic structure
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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 19 content

With Season 19 just around the corner, very little is known about the content arriving in the battle royale.

Many believe a revamped version of the Storm Point map is on its way along with adjustments to the current map rotation, considering all of the teasers that were pointing to the map being destroyed.

Apex Legends Season 19 Legend

Considering Season 18 didn't feature a new Legend, we now know that Respawn is bringing in a fresh new face with Season 19's launch. Conduit is finally joining the roster after she was leaked all the way back in 2022.

Of course, it's important to take any leaks with a pinch of salt until official information is revealed, and we haven't had Conduit's abilities confirmed as yet. As soon as intel on the new Legend appears, we'll share everything you need to know right here.

That's everything there is to know about the Apex Legends Season 19 update so far. For more battle royale information while you wait, be sure to head over to our Warzone page for all things Call of Duty.

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