How to save in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2: woman looking to the right of the camera, stood next to a wooden beam.
Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2: woman looking to the right of the camera, stood next to a wooden beam.
Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Can't work out when to save in Alan Wake 2? You're not able to save your progress wherever and whenever you like in-game. If you need to exit the game quickly, it's handy to know exactly how to save in Alan Wake 2.

As you play through Alan Wake 2, you'll be tested numerous times by a huge range of aberrations and shadows. Some of these foes are quite challenging despite your huge array of weaponry, meaning that you'll often need to throw down a save before taking them on.

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Alan Wake 2: Alan walking away from a desk lit with an electric lamp
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Credit: Remedy Entertainment

How do you save in Alan Wake 2?

As you play Alan Wake 2, the game will autosave as you progress through the plot. However, there are tough combat sequences in the game, and it helps to take matters into your own hands and save manually before big encounters.

To do this, you'll need to visit the various Break Rooms that you can find scattered throughout the game. Here, there is a wealth of activities that you should complete before moving on, but the primary task you should complete is saving your game by walking up to the coffee thermos.

When you're standing next to the thermos, you'll be prompted to either do a quick autosave or create a manual save file. If it's been a while since you've done a manual save, it's always good to do so, as doing so generates a backup save file in case your original file gets corrupted.

When you're inside a Break Room, you can also loot the room for any items or ammo you might find. Additionally, you're able to store any of your loot when you are in a Break Room by going over to the Shoebox and depositing anything you've collected. Lastly, you also might be able to find some manuscript pages in the room, which you can use to upgrade your weapons.

That's all there is to know on how to save manually in Alan Wake 2. For more Alan Wake 2 guides like this, we've got walkthroughs on how to get the sawed-off shotgun and how to get the crossbow, so you can stay well-armed for your trip to the Dark Place. We've also got the latest news on the confirmed DLC for Alan Wake 2 that's due in 2024.

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