How to get the pump action shotgun in Alan Wake 2

Saga Anderson shining a flashlight at the pump action shotgun in Alan Wake 2

Saga Anderson shining a flashlight at the pump action shotgun in Alan Wake 2

Looking for a way to get the pump action shotgun out of its case in the sheriff's station? You're not alone! There are plenty of weapons to hunt down in Alan Wake 2, but this shotgun is one of the strongest. In this guide, we'll tell you how to get the pump action shotgun in Alan Wake 2.

It's a weapon that is well hidden in the sheriff's station, and if you upgrade it fully, the pump action shotgun is an absolute monster in the last few chapters' combat encounters. The only thing standing between you and this devastating weapon is a code lock, and we'll help you understand how to solve its puzzle yourself before sharing the code outright.

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Where is the pump action shotgun in Alan Wake 2?

To start blasting first and asking questions later, you'll need to be playing as Saga Anderson in Return 6 - Scratch. In this chapter, you’ll visit the Sheriff’s Station to find it filled with Taken. Deal with them, and your exploration of the unlocked rooms will eventually be rewarded with the sheriff’s station keys.

You can use these keys to access Sheriff Tim Breaker's office in the top-left corner of the upper floor, where the pump action shotgun is in a case on the left wall.

How to solve the sheriff station puzzle in Alan Wake 2

The three-digit lock on the shotgun's display case is the only thing between you and a new favourite weapon. Everything you need to solve it is in the room with you - the desk can be interacted with to see several books and a cipher.

Alan Wake 2 books with a cipher nearby. A = 1, B = 2 and so on until J = 0, K = 1 and the cycle repeats.
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You can use the cipher to crack the code.

The cipher on the desk may not immediately be clear - we've explained what it's trying to tell you below. Be warned - your English and math skills are being tested here.

  • A is the number one, with B being two and C being three.
  • When the tenth letter is reached, the counter restarts from zero.
  • K is the next number one, with T being the next zero.

By applying this cipher to the initials of the authors on the desk, you'll eventually end up with the code. The game subtly tells you the order they should be in by having the sci-fi books each be one part of a series; we've given you another hint to solve the puzzle yourself by putting the letters by their corresponding numbers below.

  • A = 1
  • B = 2
  • C = 3
  • D = 4
  • E = 5
  • F = 6
  • G = 7
  • H = 8
  • I = 9
  • J = 0
  • K = 1
  • L = 2
  • M = 3
  • N = 4
  • O = 5
  • P = 6
  • Q = 7
  • R = 8
  • S = 9
  • T = 0
  • U = 1
  • V = 2
  • W = 3
  • X = 4
  • Y = 5
  • Z = 6

By yourself, it's a puzzle that all but necessitates pen and paper like the Sheriff had to do. The code you'll need to input is 7-2-3, which will make the padlock fall to the ground, letting you open up the gun case and take your well-earned reward.

We hope you put your new gun to good use. While you're here, check out the Alan Wake 2 mission list to find out how close you are to the end. You can also learn how to find the screwdriver and read our review.

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