Guardians of the Galaxy: Should You Play One Arm Bandit on Knowhere?

You will find yourself in Knowhere in Chapter 6 of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. You will be able to explore parts of the busy market in your attempt to find Cosmo and you can play some games too. There will be a slot machine that you come across that Peter is tempted to play. This is why we've put together a guide answering the question - should you play one arm bandit on Knowhere?

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Should You Play One Arm Bandit on Knowhere?

The answer is no! Do not play this game or you will lose 500 Galatic Units. Your Units are far better off being spent somewhere else in Knowhere. If you do play the game this is what will happen:

  • You will put in 500 Units for one turn
  • The game will turn purple
  • You will believe that you have won the jackpot
  • The game will break before paying anything out
  • You will not get paid.

As with most of the games on Knowhere, this slot machine turns out to be quite a pricey con.

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Where To Find the One Arm Bandit Game on Knowhere

If you want to know where the slot machine game is and play it, all you will need to do is follow these steps to find it.

1 - Wait for Drax and Gamora to leave you on your own, then head towards the Collector's Emporium.

2 - When you're facing the Emporium, look to your right. There should be stairs that lead down past the Lottery stand.

3 - Follow the path around and keep heading towards Cosmo's Tower until you reach an area that looks like this:

Guardians of the Galaxy one arm bandit game on knowhere location
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4- Stop when you see this and look to your right again. You should see the game with a lifeform standing next to it. The slot machine is easy to spot as it looks a lot like a bunch of balloons.

There are a few games on Knowhere that you can play in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy but nearly all of them come at a price if you're not careful. Luckily, we have a guide on how to win at the cup and ball game. Also, we have one answering the question - should you buy a lottery ticket?

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