Guardians of the Galaxy: How To Escape Lady Hellbender’s Vault

If you chose to sell Rocket to Lady Hellbender in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, things will not go well and you will end up locked in her vault. Although you still end up stealing a lot of Galactic Units off of her, you still need to find a way to escape, and fast. We're going to show you how to escape Lady Hellbender's Vault before it's too late.

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How To Escape Lady Hellbender’s Vault

To escape the vault you will need to create your own way out but to do this, you need to follow a few steps. However, the first thing that you need to do when you find yourself locked in the vault is steal as many Units as possible. You can find them scattered around the room in bowls.

After you steal a good amount of Units, if not all of them, Lady Hellbender will make her presence known. At this point, she will start to pour toxic gas into the Vault through the vents in the wall. You will need to stop this gas coming through whilst you figure out how to escape.

Guardians of the Galaxy Lady Hellbender's Throne Room Sales Pitch
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Selling a "monster" to Lady Hellbender was always risky...

To stop the Gas coming through, use your Visor to scan the room and look around. You should be able to spot the vents easily like this. Once you've found the vents, equip your Ice ability and shoot them with this. If you freeze a vent, it will stop the gas from coming through it but only for a short amount of time. Try to find and freeze all of the vents quickly.

After you've bought yourself some time by slowing the gas down, you need to use your visor to look around again. You should be able to see a crack in the wall at the back. Scan this with the appropriate command. Look around you and look up, you should be able to see a piece of the room is highlighted yellow above a large hanging light. Exit your visor.

Bring up your Guardians Mode command wheel and click on Gamora while focusing on the light. Gamora should jump up there and slice the area which will drop the large light down to the ground. Now all you need to do is scan the crack in the wall with your visor again then scan the fallen light. Exit your visor and use the Guardians Mode to ask Drax to throw the light into the weakened wall.

Once he does this, the wall will be destroyed and you will be able to escape the vault.

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