Guardians of the Galaxy: How to Defeat Captain Glory and The Lethal Legion

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Your early encounter with Lady Hellbender in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy means that she has hired Captain Glory and The Lethal Legion to hunt you down. With the Galaxy in trouble, the last thing you need is a long battle with them. This is why we're going to show you how to defeat Captain Glory and The Lethal Legion quickly.

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How to Defeat Captain Glory and The Lethal Legion

You will need to defeat Captain Glory and The Lethal Legion in stages. The choice that you make when you are talking to Captain Glory will not make a difference to the outcome of the fight. However, the main thing you need to keep in mind is that you should avoid crashing into any of the asteroids in the battle otherwise you will destroy The Milano.

1. How to Defeat The Lethal Legion

There are 11 Lethal Legion ships for you to defeat, they may be small but the number of them can mean that they can cause a lot of damage to The Milano very quickly.

They will rapidly fire at you if you're caught in the middle of them all so the best thing to do is use the boost function on The Milano and speed yourself away from the centre of the battle area. Doing this will get The Legion to split up which will make them easier for you to target.

Weave yourself in and out of the larger asteroids in the area as you can use these as shields to block incoming fire from The Legion. Whilst weaving behind the asteroids, you should be able to spot a few of the ships appearing on your radar. To destroy the ships, all you need to do is make sure they're in the centre of your targeting area in the middle of the screen before you fire.

If you find that you cannot spot any ships but you've not moved on to fighting Captain Glory yet, you should use the 180 flip command and this will give you a new angle on the fight. Often, this will show you the ships that you have missed and you will be able to go after them.

2. How to Defeat Captain Glory

Once you take down his Lethal Legion, Captain Glory will appear in his Cruiser. This is where a decision that you made at the beginning of the game will come in handy. If you chose to hide Rocket's illegal tech from Nova Corps, he will have used it to upgrade The Milano's weapon system in the earlier conversation with Captain Glory. This means that you will now have Tracking Missiles available. If you chose to hide the space Llama instead, you will not get this upgrade and the fight will take a bit longer.

Guardians of the Galaxy Captain Glory and The Lethal Legion Cruiser
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To defeat Captain Glory in his Cruiser, you will need to destroy all of his exhaust ports. They will be highlighted with blue diamonds.

To destroy the ports, you will need to be facing the ship but this puts The Milano in a dangerous position. However, if you fly straight towards Captain Glory, you will notice a red line is coming out of his ship towards you. This is his aiming system and this flashes twice before he fires. If you see the line flash, use the dodge roll command to quickly move out of the way.

Tip: If you find that The Milano's health bar has turned red, you can boost yourself away from the fight and try to hide behind a large asteroid while it recharges.

When you're close to the ship, use either the Tracking Missiles or the normal Milano weapons to fire at the diamonds. The Tracking Missiles will target the exhaust ports automatically but if you only have the basic weapons, you will need to aim carefully and precisely to be able to hit them.

Guardians of the Galaxy The Milano fighting Captain Glory's Cruiser
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Each time you destroy an exhaust port on the cruiser, Captain Glory will boost it to another area in the asteroid belt. You must be cautious because when he does this, he will leave a bunch of mines where the ship once was. If you hit any of these mines, they can destroy The Milano and the fight will start again.

All you need to do now is rinse and repeat these steps to destroy the remaining exhaust ports. After you destroy the final port, Captain Glory will be defeated and you can continue on your quest to The Worldmind.

Captain Glory and The Lethal Legion are only a few of the enemies that you meet in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. If you're new to the game and find yourself getting stuck, we have some useful beginner tips that could help. Also, we have a guide that shows you the best perks for Star-Lord.

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