Guardians of the Galaxy: Tips for Using Guardians Mode

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy puts you in the Captain's seat as Star-Lord, the leader of a rag-tag team of misfits and former criminals that are now the good guys. Throughout the game, you will come across many enemies and you'll need to get everyone to work together to take them down which is where Guardians Mode comes in. It can be a bit confusing at first so we've laid out some tips for using Guardians Mode.

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Tips for Using Guardians Mode

Being the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy means that you need to organise them in battle or get them to work together to solve problems. It sounds easy but often giving orders that will be successful is a hard job, if you follow the tips we've laid out below you should find wrangling the team slightly easier.

Learn What Skills Each Guardian Has

Knowing what each Guardian can do in terms of combat skills and abilities will serve you well. Once you know what each one of them can do, you will be able to give more effective orders in combat which can make battles against certain enemies much easier. We have a guide that shows you all of the character skills and how to unlock new skills.

Crowd Control

Groot and Rocket's skills are well suited for crowd control. Therefore if you're finding yourself in a bit of trouble with multiple enemies they're the ideal ones to use in Guardians Mode. Also, this means that the duo are who you should ideally spend your skill points on first because they can prove the most helpful against a lot of enemies.

Keep One Guardian Charged

If you can manage it, try to keep one of the Guardians charged at all times. When a Guardian uses a skill they will need to charge for a bit before they can do it again. If you let all of their charges run down at once, you can find yourself fighting against a horde of enemies alone and that can be problematic. If you plan out your attacks in a way that will let you have one Guardian charged at all times, you should avoid needing to fight alone.

Combine Their Attacks

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When you find yourself up against multiple enemies or one big one, it can be a tough fight to defeat them but you can combine all of your Guardian's attacks to hit them hard. To combine their attacks, you need to order them to attack a single enemy in succession so once you order Gamora to do an attack you need to order Drax and so on until they're all attacking that one enemy, This can be extremely effective in taking down larger enemies and enemies protected by shields.

Watch Your Back

When you're giving your orders to the other Guardians in battle you are vulnerable to any attacks so it's important that you watch your own back too. Sometimes it means you will need to drop out of giving an order before you get the chance to finalise it but it's worth it. It's easy to pick up the order again as the Guardian will not lose their charge until they follow through with your order.

Ask the Right Guardian

You can ask the Guardians to help you with certain things outside of battle too, such as getting through blocked areas or hacking doors. However, you must make sure that you're asking the right Guardian to do the task at hand otherwise you'll be the victim of sarcastic comments and slights. Also, the task will not be completed until you ask the right one to do it.

Use Huddles!

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Huddles may seem like a slight inconvenience but when they appear, you should take the chance and use them. If your huddle is successful it will boost the morale of the entire team and enhance their abilities for a limited amount of time. Often, the huddle boost will be enough to get the entire team to take down the majority of enemies in the area or work towards defeating a boss.

What is Guardians Mode?

Guardians Mode is where you can organise your Guardians and ask them to do certain things, both inside and outside of battle. Check your control layout in the settings menu either on your pause menu or the main menu to check which one brings up your menu.

You can ask the Guardians to help you with certain problems that are stopping you from heading forward or that will help you reach collectibles. You can also ask them to use their skills in battle to execute certain moves against enemies. Guardians Mode is important to understand because you cannot be a Guardian on your own, this mode emphasises the importance of teamwork.

There is plenty for you to get your head around in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. We have some guides that can help you throughout your adventures, including one on how to craft perks and one that shows you how to turn off licensed music if you want to stream!

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