Guardians of the Galaxy: All Character Skills and How To Unlock New Skills

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy lets you play as the leader of the heroes-for-hire himself, Star-Lord. You get to bring together the team of unlikely heroes and help to organise them in battle against fierce enemies. However, you will need to work through the game to unlock all of the abilities for each Guardian. They're definitely worth the effort, which is why we're going to show you all character skills and how to unlock new skills!

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How To Unlock New Skills

To unlock new abilities you will need to earn experience points by fighting enemies which will then turn into skill points. Star-Lord is heavily into style so naturally, the number of points you can earn will depend on how high your style rating is once the battle ends. Your style rating will be evaluated by how much damage you do in a fight but be careful because the damage that you take can reduce this.

Once you fill up your points bar (the blue bar that appears on your screen after you defeated all of the enemies for that part of the game) it will grant you skill points which you can then spend on getting new skills for yourself or your team.

How To Spend Skill Points

Once you have enough skill points to spend you will need to open up the menu that shows you this, which is known as the Guardians Menu:

Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians Menu Screen
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Your skill points are for all 5 Guardians, if you spend all of them on one character then you will need to earn more before you can buy anything for the others.

From here you can choose which Guardian you want to spend your skill points on. Once you choose your Guardian you will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Skills Screen
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Here, you will be able to see which abilities you have already bought for that particular character and which ones you have yet to purchase. You can hover over each skill to learn more about it before you buy it. The cost of each skill will be shown in the Diamond to the right of the skill's name.

If you have enough Skill Points on you, you can choose to purchase it and it will automatically be applied to that character. However, if don't want to buy any skills for your chosen character, you can head back to the screen with all of the Guardians on it again and choose another character to explore.

Where Are My Purchased Skills?

The abilities that you purchase and equip will have designated spots depending on which character you've purchased them for. If you have bought ones for Star-Lord then you will find that the ability will have been equipped to his skill wheel.

To check how to use the skill wheel, you can head to the settings option on the pause or main menus and head to controls to review which ones bring up his skill wheel in your chosen platform.

However, if you have purchased abilities for any of the other Guardians then they will instantly be equipped to the Guardians Skill wheel which is what you use to control your team in battle (such as telling Groot to entangle enemies). All you need to do is use the control for the appropriate character and you should see that their new ability has been added which you can now ask them to use in a fight.

What Are Skills?

Skills are certain abilities and actions that each individual Guardian can do. You can combine some of their actions if you get them to target a single enemy in succession and some combinations can have surprising outcomes or high style pay-outs.

All Character Skills


Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill
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Vantage Point - Quill uses his boots to fly around for a short amount of time. Whilst suspended in the air, you can get a really good tactical advantage against enemies and it can get you out of trouble to give you enough time to recover health.

Fan the Hammer - Rapid Fire of his Blasters. Peter will stand and fire his Blasters at one or more enemies in quick succession. Peter cannot move whilst doing this shot, if you move him the skill will stop.

Eye of the Hurricane - Peter launches himself into the air whilst simultaneously throwing Grenades down at the enemies below. Any enemies hit by the Grenade and in the immediate area of it will be damaged. It's really useful for handling big waves of enemies as it gets you out of the firing line and it attacks them in one action.

Surprise Skill: You need to play through the story of the game to find this one, no spoilers!


Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora
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Base Skill: Deadly Strike - Gamora will use her sword to inflict a deadly blow onto any enemy. She makes it look effortless!

Shadow Strike - She runs forward between any enemies and will attack each one with her sword. If there is only one enemy that she is attacking, then she will attack them multiple times.

Stagger Wave - She attacks an enemy with her sword then releases a burst of energy that will inflict stagger damage onto any surrounding opponents.

Surprise Skill: You need to play through the story of the game to find this one too!


Guardians of the Galaxy Drax
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Base Skill: Destroy - Drax will attack an enemy with a move that will deal light damage to it but heavy stagger which is slightly more important against larger enemies.

Katathian Charge - He charges himself through enemies in a line that will inflict a large amount of stagger damage to any of the ones he hits.

Pound and Pummel - Drax hits the ground which will deal a good amount of damage to one enemy and then a smaller amount of damage to the remaining enemies in the area surrounding his attack.

Surprise Skill: You need to play through the story of the game to find this one, Drax requires you to earn the glory of this skill!


Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Groot
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Base Skill: Entangle - Groot will be very helpful and tangle multiple enemies in his roots which will immobilise them for a short period of time. This can be very helpful with crowd control when there's a lot of enemies.

Uproot - He pushes roots up from the ground which will throw medium-sized enemies into the air and cause a fair amount of damage to any enemies caught in it.

Mammoth Grab - Groot will tangle up and tie up a single large enemy which will briefly immobilise them. During the Mammoth Grab, Groot will also inflict a small amount of Stagger damage to the enemy.

Surprise Skill: You need to play through the story of the game to find this one, do Groot proud!


Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket
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He is NOT a Raccoon!

Base Skill: Cluster Flark Bomb - Rocket's grenade will explode and cause damage to any enemies within range around the original target of the attack.

Gravistack Grenade - This Grenade acts like a big magnet, it draws all of the enemies together in the area surrounding the Grenade's initial impact zone. This is excellent crowd control as it will group together enough enemies for Drax's Katathian charge to deal significant damage.

Glowing Pains Grenade - Another Grenade from Rocket but this one shoots our darts when it hits its target. These darts inject any enemies in the immediate area and will shock them whilst inflicting a small amount of Stagger damage to them. They're extremely useful because the enemies under the effects of the Grenade are weaker to Stagger damage.

Surprise Skill: You need to play through the story of the game to find this one, no spoilers (even if Rocket would find a way to know what it is!)

As you go through your journey in Guardians of the Galaxy you will learn all the different combinations of skills that make your team fearless and powerful. As their leader, you need to work hard to unite them but once they're working as a team you know they're going to be unstoppable heroes! We have other guides too including one on how to turn off Licensed Music for those of you who want to Stream your experience.

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