How Many Chapters Are There in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy puts the classic Marvel characters into a brand-new original storyline. The game is split into chapters and will take you across multiple parts of the Galaxy. Along the way, you will meet new friends, new foes and take on new challenges as the misfit team of heroes. We've put together a guide answering the question - how many chapters are there?

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How Many Chapters Are There?

There are 16 chapters in Guardians of the Galaxy and there is a separate prologue chapter which makes it 17 chapters in total. If you don't want any potential spoilers for the game, we recommend that you come back to this guide at later date or look at the list until you reach the chapter you are on.

Chapter Names

  • Prologue - Meredith
  • Chapter 1 - A risky gamble
  • Chapter 2 - Busted
  • Chapter 3 - The cost of freedom
  • Chapter 4 - The monster Queen
  • Chapter 5 - Due or die
  • Chapter 6 - Between a rock and a hard place
  • Chapter 7 - Canine confusion
  • Chapter 8 - The Matriarch
  • Chapter 9 - Desperate times
  • Chapter 10 - Test of faith
  • Chapter 11 - Mind over matter
  • Chapter 12 - Knowhere to run
  • Chapter 13 - Against all odds
  • Chapter 14 - Into the fire
  • Chapter 15 - Broken Promise
  • Chapter 16 - Magus

While you're playing through Guardians you should check out all of our helpful guides in our walkthrough hub.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Guardians of the Galaxy?

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It can take an estimated 16 - 20 hours to complete the game. Each chapter of the game can take roughly an hour or more to complete depending on how you choose to play it. However, if you choose to play each chapter thoroughly and find all of the collectibles then the time taken to complete it will be slightly longer.

If you're playing Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy you will be well aware that each chapter comes with its own set of challenges. Luckily, we have put together some guides to help you with the trickier bits including how to craft perks and we've laid out some of the best perks for Star-Lord.

Updated January 17th, 2022.

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