Guardians of the Galaxy: Should You Hide the Llama or the Tech?

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After you leave the Quarantine Zone in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble with Nova Corps. This is when you need to choose whether to hide the Space Llama you just found or hide Rocket's super-illegal tech. Each choice comes with its own set of consequences, so we're here to answer the question - should you hide the Llama or the Tech?

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Should You Hide the Llama or the Tech in Guardians of the Galaxy?

The answer to should you hide the llama or the tech depends on how big of a fine you want and if you want the game to be easier later on. If you want the game to be easier but have a bigger fine, hide the tech but if you want the fine to be smaller and the game to be a bit harder then hide the llama. We explain the outcome of both choices below.

What Happens if You Hide the Tech?

If you choose to hide the tech, you will end up getting a hefty fine of 8000 Galactic Units but you will get a great benefit later on which will help in a tricky fight. That being said, you will need to engage in a small mini-game to escape The Milano further along in the story.

Also, if you hide the tech you will still be able to keep the Llama so you will not have lost anything by picking this option.

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What Happens if You Hide the Llama?

If you hide the Llama you will sacrifice the tech and you will still end up with a big fine. The fine will be 7000 Galactic Units so you really don't save a lot of money by picking this option. Also, if you hide the Llama you will be making another part of the game easier when you need to escape The Milano but a big battle further along in the game will be harder.

Guardians of the Galaxy The Space Llama

Ultimately the choice is yours but when you look at the benefits of it, it makes sense to hide Rocket's tech instead of hiding the Space Llama. Either way, you will still end up in trouble with Nova Corps.

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