How to Recruit Gang Members and Raise Respect in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has provided the gaming community with countless hours of entertainment since the very first title's release in 1997. However, the San Andreas edition of the game, released in 2004 is often thought of as the best game in the series by multiple members of the community.

Having said that, one of the iconic features that GTA: San Andreas has to offer is the ability to recruit upto seven gang members. Recruiting gang members allows the player to gain additional help during difficult missions in the game.

Nevertheless, one must earn Respect in the game before you can start recruiting members for your own gang and this is where the procedure becomes a bit tricky.

Read on to find out how Respect works in GTA: San Andreas and what effect it has on recruiting gang members.

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What is Respect in GTA San Andreas

Respect is a specific metric available in the game which is determined by a variety of factors and is one of the most difficult stats to improve. However, players can perform various tasks to gradually increase their in-game Respect stats.

Before heading into the tasks that have an impact on the player's Respect stat, here are the factors along with the weightage by which the metric is determined in the game,

  • Running Respect: 40%
  • Completing Missions: 36%
  • Territories owned: 6%
  • Total money: 6%
  • Muscle: 4%
  • Progress with girlfriend: 4%
  • Appearance: 4%

Moving on to tasks that have an impact on the metric, players need to note that while some tasks will increase their Respect stats, there are also certain tasks that will affect the stats negatively. Here's a list of tasks that will affect the player's Respect stat positively,

  • Killing a dealer
  • Killing a rival gang member
  • Taking over a territory

With that said, players are highly encouraged to perform these tasks to boost the Respect stat in GTA: San Andreas.

Nevertheless, here's a list of tasks that players should avoid as it will negatively impact their stats,

  • Killing Grove Street gang members
  • Losing a territory
  • An existing gang member's death

With that out of the way, let's move on to recruiting members for your gang in GTA; San Andreas

How to Recruit Gang Members in GTA San Andreas

Recruiting a gang member in GTA: San Andreas is a fairly simple task that can be accomplished by following a series of three easy steps.

These steps are:

  • The player will first need to find some Grove Street gang members. These NPCs can be recognised by their traditional green clothing.
  • Following this, the player will have to aim at the chosen member with their gun and press the respective hotkey (Default: Right-Mouse Button for PC and RT for Consoles)
  • Once the member has been targeted, the player will need to press the Recruit hotkey (Default: G for PC and Up-direction button for Consoles).

Following these steps will allow the player to recruit as many members as they can according to the level of their Respect stat.

Here's a list of the number of gang members that a player can recruit based on their Respect stat:

  • 1% Total Respect: 2 gang members
  • 10% Total Respect: 3 gang members
  • 20% Total Respect: 4 gang members
  • 40% Total Respect: 5 gang members
  • 60% Total Respect: 6 gang members
  • 80% Total Respect: 7 gang members

With GTA; The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition scheduled for release soon, make sure to go through our series of guides that will allow you to relive the initial days of the franchise.

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