Here's Why xQc Is Quitting GTA RP

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It is often said that xQc is one of the top streamers who have made the GTA RP so popular. The attention of fans has not just been drawn by his gameplay but also by his multiple bans. In the end, it appears the future of GTA RP will be determined by himself.

When GTA RP bans xQc, it is usually a 'permanent ban, but those never last. Despite constantly returning to the game, it seems that xQc has finally retired. Everyone who watches him is shocked by this since he loves GTA RP.


xQc is quitting GTA RP

With the popularity of the GTA RP No Pixel Server, GTA Online has grown tremendously. In fact, the server only allows role-playing and has drawn streamers from all over the world, including xQc. As a result, xQc brought in others, which in turn pushed the server to new levels.

Several times throughout his time in GTA RP, xQc was banned and gained access again. A love-hate relationship existed between the two, and xQc's character Jean Paul was perhaps the most recognizable player in GTA RP. It appears, however, that their relationship is ending.

(As found by Dexerto)


Over the past few weeks, xQc has been chiefly playing other games off-stream rather than playing the multiplayer mod. Finally, he stated that he was ready to move on.

To quote xQc:

"We did it from the top, to the bottom. We did it a lot when it was good, when it was bad. We did it when it was hyped, when it wasn't. We did it when everyone was loving it and when everyone was hating it… it's brought a lot of good times, a lot of problems; I'm ready to move on, it is what it is."

xQc may return occasionally, but it feels like he is saying goodbye to the game. A new game is always available, and xQc is playing Apex Legends now, so we'll see what he's up to next.