xQc making new GTA RP Character after heated real-life confrontation over roleplaying

One of xQc's most famous GTA RP characters, Jean-Paul (famously known as 'X'), is going to retire in a shocking turn of events. Much attention has been focused on xQc's actions as Jean-Paul; however, he has maintained a huge fan base thanks to his consistency as a criminal. But after he argued with his girlfriend over his actions as 'X' he decided to drop the old character for good.

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xQc's actions as 'X' have led many to say he isn't really role-playing and is just trying to ruin the experience for everyone else. XQc does indeed go overboard, but he claims he does it for the sake of the character. To quote xQc:

"Everyone assumes everything I do is 'out of character', Cutting clips and making me look bad when I try super hard to role-play."

xQc only considered starting over after an argument with his real-life girlfriend, Adept.

xQc has been banned from GTAV RP four times but has gotten all of them lifted early. Even though xQc received lifelong bans three out of four times, it didn't stop him. xQc stayed true to himself and continued playing the way he liked.

Then, after a physical altercation in the game led to a real-life open mic argument with Adept, his girlfriend, xQc rethought his ways. During her argument with xQc, Adept clarified that she disapproved of his actions as 'X.' The confrontation with Adept was the turning point for xQc, and he has decided to change his ways.

Who is xQc going to build next, and will they have just as much of an effect on the GTA RP as 'X' did?

The character 'X' is well known on the server, and xQc is responsible for many streamers joining the server, such as Sykkuno. If xQc hopes to keep the same momentum going, his next character must be as popular or exciting. He'll hopefully be able to make a character that doesn't cause as much trouble in his real life and streams.

Many people weren't fans of 'X', but overall they could agree he made the game more interesting. xQc should probably keep this character around and just not play as him instead of completely getting rid of him.

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